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Monday, August 29, 2011

Crazy times!!!

So I got your package! Thank you so much! It was so great! And whats better is I can say I still have some candy's not all gone, which in our house, its pretty much impossible, but we're trying to do better with the sweets...we hae the mentality...if we have it..we hae to eat it! :) But we're getting better! And thank you for the floss! very important for me! :) ANd the hand sanitizers! Wow! They smell so good! So this week...well no baptisms, but two of our new members did get the Holy Ghost! That is always cool to listen to their blessings! :) We finished the exchanges with Sisters this cycle, we went to Toliatti last was good! I got to see some ward members from when I served there so that was fun! But now we have a break for probably two weeks! Sorry about the spelling...these keyboards are really bad! Everything keeps getting stuck! Oh well...So yeah, oh I forgot to tell you (don't worry :)) two weeks ago, we were on a transport(tram) and we were talking to people, and the older lady I was talking to was like, "shh...don't talk so loud right now." First off i don't talk loud...and then I noticed her staring at some guy...yeah the guy had a hand gun just kinda hanging out on top of his laptop. I turned to her and asked "Is this usual?" And she just stared at me..."" yeah, for like 5 minutes the guy just stood there and then got off the transport like nothing was up. He acted like he didn't even have a gun...just like a normal guy! We got to district meeting and we were like "Oh my gosh you'll never guess what happened..." So we told our fun little adventure, then found out it's not that unusual. The assistants were like, "Hey you can now join the club of who has seen a gun in public." We thought it was a one time thing...apparently it happens more then we the way this isn't meant to scare's totally fine! :) It went in my journal ;) Things are just a lttle different here than at home...but all is goood! And it just reminded me of the Bourne movies...The streets of armed man...a dead quiet bus ride...intense...ha ha ha! Ok that was just for fun but it did remind me of that movie! Well...Sis Pitchforth was sick this last week, so we were inside for a little bit...she slept for 16 out of 24 hours! Way to kick that cold in the butt! And I let her know that it was a good day for me too...cause everytime she woke up she entertained me like I did for her two weeks ago when I as sick! :) I was talking to her one time and she just started looking above her like there were birds there or something! She was so funny! And the best part is she remembers it! When one of us is sick we hae to find someway to make things fun! :) It usually ends up with us making fun of eah other but oh well! It's a good strengthening exercise for the companionship! :) But yeah...all is good here! I better get going! I love you all so much! Thank you for everything you do for me! You're all amazing! Take care this week! Love you!
Sister Wilson

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