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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone,
It was so good to talk with you! Sorry it had to be so short, but I'm grateful for whatever time I get! Nothing new has really happens since we talked, except Sunday, we sang with our Zone leaders, Silent Night in Russian and when we were done, they asked us to do an encore of "Sisters in Zion/Armies of Helaman" like we did at the baptism. Well considering I don't understand every word of Russian, I thought they were asking us to sing Silent Night in English, cause Russians really like the song in English for some reason, so when we went to start, me and my companion were singing two different songs, at least just the first words...Silent and As! Yep, I know how to say, "Sorry my bad!" in Russian, so we just started again! Once again, I provided entertainment for the branch, and the Zone leaders! Good times! I never told you that on Christmas, for the Christmas activity they had the four of us do a skit together so we decided to play each other. Me and Sis. Tedrow did what we "thought" elders would do during Contacting and a lesson, and they did the same for us! It was so funny! Everyone was laughing! Elder Morris took pictures on my camera so I'll get them to you as soon as I can! I am sending a letter to the Relief Society this week, so Brandi if you could give it to Holly or Jessi that would be great! :) Candy will follow but it takes a long time to get a package ready here! Oh, and I cut my own bangs the other day! I was so nervous but it was fine! No one in russia is touching my hair...yeah, it's not happening! :) So some things I haven't told you about Russia...there's no bacon! Yeah can you believe that? I love bacn! The only place there is bacon is on potato chips...yep Bacon flavored chips...that's it! Crazy! And the all know how much I love the tast of milk...thats why I buy fat free cause it basically tastes like water! Well here, they don't have fat free, or 1%, 2%....they do have 2.5%, 3%, and 4%! It's pretty gross! But I drink it! Rarely...I take calcium pills! :) So it's raining today and all the snow is melting! It's crazy how weird the weather is being! It's not cold at all! We slipping all over(still haven't fallen though). I just hope it doesn't freeze tonight! That'll make it fun tomorrow! Well to answer some of the questions, I'm not used to the money quite yet, but it's only cause I don't know what they'r asking for. I understand the amounts of everything, I just don't know how much things are! If that made any sense! :) There is definitely traffic here! A lot of buses and taxis! And there are no speed limits, at least not enforced ones, so that makes every bus ride like a roller coaster...Dad you wouldn't do well on a bus in RussiA ;) Well I don't know what else to say for today so I'll let you go! I'll read you emails and get back to any other questions next week! I love you all so much! It was great to hear from you! Take care and thank you for everything!
Sister Wilson

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sis. Wilsons whole entire Samara Russia Mission!!!
Can you find her:-)
It is freezing outside but they were told no coats for the picture:)
Sis. Wilson at the Mission Home with some of her zone with her

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone,
I can't believe that Christmas is this week! It doesn't seem like it's been that long since I left, and it's already almost 2011! Crazy how fast time goes by! So first off, I'm not exactly getting better at being on ice, but I have still not fallen yet! Slipped...yes...I'm glad Brandi isn't here to laugh at me, cause I almost did the splits the other day. But no, I have not actually fallen yet! It's only a matter of time! :) Mission Conference was last week and it was really good! I was able to meet a lot of the missionaries and also was able to have an interview with President Sartori. He's a really good man, definitely inspired! No the packages didn't come in time, but it's ok. I'm's ok. There were about 25 missionaries whose packages didn't come, and we were given packages of candy and food, mostly from America! And the best part, this is what an Elder told when the packages do come, you get a second Christmas! It really doesn't feel like Christmas yet though...not a bad thing either, it's just they don't celebrate it yet. We have, as a companionship, time set aside on New Years EVE/Day to celebrate instead, cause most likely we aren't allowed out on those days...drunk people....they ruin all the fun! Anyways, Dad to answer your question, we are allowed to track up until about 7-8pm, but we can't track certain places, and if we feel uncomforatble in any ways about a building, we're to leave immediately. It's not been bad at all....mostly entertaining! I did volunteer for teaching RS on the 30th of January and was wondering if you could copy and send me on a email the lesson from Gospel Principles? It's lesson 26 on Sacrificing. I can't read it all in Russian, and it would help to prepare if I knew what it was saying! :) We have a disctrict Christmas lunch this Firday after our meeting, and this Saturday we have a baptism in the afternoon and a Christmas program at night! Members celebrate it early for the missionaries is what I'm told. But yeah, our baptism got pushed back to this Saturday cause of work conflicts. It works though cause now we have a baptism on Christmas! Baptism, Christmas program, and then home to talk with you! It works for me! :) We were able to watch the 1st Presidency Devotional at Mission Conference, that was our party they told you about! It was relaly good! It helped to get into the Christmas spirit! Hey could you also if you have time, copy the lyrics to the White Christmas songs, from teh movie? Don't worry I'm allowed to sing them! :) Me and my companion want to have them for our Christmas party on New Years Eve, but I can't remember all the words! Speaking of songs...don't laugh, and if you do, I'll know! But I have to sing at the baptism this Sautrday! I know, it's not funny! It'll be me, my comp, and the two zone leaders singing in English, the Armies of Helaman/Sisters in Zion Melody. It should be entertaining considering I can't sing, one of the zone leaders is a Native Russian, and the other one doesn't know the song! Yeah, but they wanted us to sing something in English so they we go! We may also have to sing Silent Night in Sacrament later! Who knows....I hope not! We have a few othr investigators, but they are at a stopping point. They both want to be baptized but something is holding them back...I sent a letter explaining detials, last week! let me know when you get it. I don't know how long mail takes! I also sent Holly one to your house cause I didn't have her address! And Brandi, I sent your class one also, and you! :) Bryce, today I will get one out to you and Lacy! And the little ones! :) It's snowing hard right wasn't fun to walk in, but it's not too cold, still about -8 F so I won't complain! Yeah, I'm maturing, I said I won't complain about -8! :) You should be proud! I also think I have permanat blisters on my ankles...yeah I know, very ladylike, but I had to tell you! :) Well I better get going for now! I am so excited to talk with you this week! I don't see that there will be a problem with the card but if I don't call for some reson, just know I will! :) I've never called out of another country before! I love you all so much! Take care and have a great Christmas!
Love, Sister Wilson

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sis. Wilson and her Companion Sis. Tedrow

Sis. Wilson in all her Winter gear!!!
ready..set...start tracking:)

Chritmas inside their Apt.
Look at the view outside the window!!
Sis. Wilson name tags!!

View of the city from Sis. Wilson Apt.


Hey Everyone,
I don't think I'll have any extra time this week to write, so I hope you don't mind me sending the same email to you all! :) Thank you so much for your emails! I only have a little time to look them over real quick, but I do get time to read them later! Best part of p-day! So....what's new this week...I don't remember what I write every week so sorry if I repeat anything! ICE...not my friend, it's always the enemy! I haven't actually fallen yet(people around me do all the time, and I always think, I'm so glad I don't have Brandi's sense of humor...she would be dying if you watched these people fall) but I know it'll happen eventually...there have been too many close calls! It's really not's still about -8F everyday but I'm used to's not getting colder which everyone said is really weird for the middle of December, but I'm ok with it! The sun has been out the last few days, so it's been pretty good! I did have my first America's not really a confronation, cause I didn't say anything, but wow did I want to. We were teaching a lesson to a little girl and her mom and the husband comes in and realizes I don't speak a lot of Russian, so he starts trying to speak English to me. He was understandble, probably about the same I am to them :) He was nice at first then, out of nowhere, he goes, "You from America? I no like your country. It big and not good country." I was like Oh I'm sorry you feel that way. He went on to tell me why my country is bad. I just sat there listening getting really upset. We finally left and he got all nice again. Oh I was fuming when I got out of there! I'm glad it was the last lesson for the night cause I wasn't being very spiritual! Sis. Tedrow said I'll get used to it around here. I hope I do and I hope I don't. But besides that and the meat jello, that's the only thing I don't like about my mission, so we're good! :) We have Mission Conference this week. We leave tomorrow really really early in the morning for Samara, and come back late Wednesday. The Christmas package won't make it in time, but really don't worry about it. It doesn't feel like Christmas, and they don't celebrate it here til January! Plus the only thing I want is to talk with you and I get to do that! I will be calling on the 25th at around 8:30-9pm my time. I don't know what time that is for you! Sorry! :) Let me know if that doesn't work out! The investigator I told you about last week, she is still getting baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited! It's been really fun to watch her understand and accept the gospel! It really does change people! I've been working a lot on my's a lot different than english, and I kinda pride myself on good least in english, so I've been working on it a lot cause Russians write almost completely in cursive! It's getting better! I still love reading the scriptures...I won't lie, there are some days that are less fun than others, but when that happens I just go to my scriptures, and there is a comfort there for me, that I haven't found anywhere else! I love it!! So I told you that I love chrch here, but my favorite part is Relief Society! The feeling is the same as at home! Different people, same feeling! So I decided as a goal for myself, to push myself to learn the language better, I'm volunteering to teach in Relief Society the end of January! There wasn't a place at home that I was more comfortable with, then teaching. So I thought, I feel that same comfort here, and I love all the women, and they love when I try to speak Russian, that it would be perfect! And they are always looking for teachers! So at home...I could prepare a lesson that day, here...give me a month and I'll come up with something! Sad...but I'm hoping it pushes me to be better! Sorry I don't have anything fun to tell you about! :) I'm doing good! My comp is doing better! The work is moving along! :) I hope you all are doing great! I love and miss you all so much! Take care of yourselves and I'll write next Monday!

Love, Sister Wilson
PS. to answer your questions mom, there is one native Russian in my district, and we do meet at the building for our meetings! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Everyone!!

Family! :)
Thank you so much for your emails! It seems like forever since I've talked with any of you! So I'll answer the questions first, I don't have a lot of time email to the president has to come first :( So my companion is good. She was sick this week so we stayed in a lot! Made for a long week, but good in terms of studying! She is from Arizona/Utah, and leaves to go home in February so I might be her last comp if nothing changes at the transfer. My district is good. We see each other a couple times a week which I love cause Elder Morris is in my district! It really helps to make me feel at home with him here! There are 6 missionaries and a senior couple in the district. The district meetings are in our area so we don't have to walk too far! Teaching was slow this week, just cause we were inside a lot, but normally it's good. We've lost a few investigators I think. They just aren't progressing, but we haven't dropped them yet, so I don't know what's going on there! Ok so for the weather question...ha! I have made the decision I hate snow! Yep, hate it! What's the purpose really? Yeah it's pretty to look at the first time it snows, and from inside! But then you go outside and it's all gross and muddy and cold! Then it freezes over! So really what's the purpose? :) No it's not that bad will get worse. There were a few days that I was really really cold but you just deal with it I guess. Not sure how I am but I am so far! We don't eat at members homes, or we're not suppose to. When we are there, they usually always give us food, but it's not like dinner appointments. Russians pride themselves on being good hosts, so we're always offered food! It's been really good, all of it, except the meat stuff I told you about last time! That was absolutely gross! So there is one story I want to tell you about! It happened yesterday! We had been fasting all day and were already past our 24 hours! We had one appointment that was coming to the church to meet with us then we could leave. Well she didn't show up, we go to leave and the district president asked us to stay for a meeting that the elders didn't show up for. :( Starving, we stayed! Over a hour later, they dismissed us from the meeting and we ran downstairs to leave when we saw a lady standing at the front door! We let her in and she asked if she could attend one of our services! (Yeah I'm serious) We told her they were done for the day but gave her a tour of the building! We went through and talked about every picture of Christ and explained how the Church works, and the basic principles. We got to the First Vision (I got to do that part! :) ) and the Spirit was so strong...I was like, what is going on? Then we ended with talking about the Book of Mormon and she started to cry again (sorry, she also cried when we talked about Christ). We asked her if she wanted a copy and she said she has already read the WHOLE thing. We asked what she thought about it and if she prayed to know it was true. She just kept smiling and crying, then said she knows it's true. So we took her back to the baptism of Christ picture and asked her to be baptized. Still crying she said YES! She is set for baptism on the 18th of this month! I couldn't believe it! It was the most amazing experience ever! We have a lot of things to do before then, but we gave her basically all the principles of the gospel, we just have to make sure she understands them completely! Talk about someone being prepared! That had absoultely nothing to do with us! The Lord did that one! :) It was great! I hope and pray that everyhting works out! I've been studying the scriptures a lot lately! I've come to find I really enjoy that! I don't fall alseep anymore while reading so I'm gettin gmore out of them! ;) So, I went tracting for the first time. A member, about 21, went with us, and well...I entertained her! I now know hwat it feels like to get the Russian eye roll...its kinda rude! I also know how embarrassing it is to have old Russian men answer the door innothing but underwear. The worst part...he wanted us to come in! Yep, he was drunk! We didn't go in, just so you know! :) It was a fun experience! My russian is still not that great, so there are the people who think it's fun to listen to me, and then the people who think I'm butchering their language(the eye rollers). Overall, I'm doing really good! How is everything there! I'll read the emails today and write about them next week! Sorry it's like that! Thank you so much for all of your support! i love you all so much you have no idea! Take care of yourselves!
Love, Sister Wilson

Я люблю тебя! I love you!
The only thing I had time to tupe...the keyboard is confusing!

Seond letter!!!
So I ended up having more time than I thought.... I scanned through the emails cause I wanted to have time to email you, so sorry if I didn't answer everything! I am going to print off pictures today so hopefully they will go out soon! I have no idea how long mail takes but I'll let you know when I hear from you! So what else happened this week, or things I can tell you....I lost 4 1/2 pounds...random fact but I'm sticking to my exercise and eating healthy! Especially cause every Sunday we go to a members house....I love her, she tells everyoone she's the missionaries mom while they're in Russia...and she feeds us everything! Then feeds us some more! So I'm sticking to my exercise and it's working! I feel great and have so much more energy! I promise I won't always give you an update on my's not lady like! ;) Ok so as I'm sitting here I can see out the window, and for the last 3 minutes there are two guys out there bouncing and waving like crazy people, so I'm ignoring them, cause that's what we're told to do. Don't return the attention. I couldn't ignore them any longer so I looked out and it's Elder Morris and his trainer! I felt so bad! I love having him here! He was so much like a brother to me in the MTC, that it's great to see him! So yeah gets dark at about 3:30 and we don't go in til 9:30pm...who ever told me that they don't proselyte after dark was mistaken! :) And there are a lot of drunk people here! Wow...most are funny, some we just plain stay away from. The members of the branch are very nice and accepting! They enjoy when new missionaries come and try to speak. They're very helpful too! So for now I'm their entertainment, but they all keep telling me that I'm in their prayers daily and they know the Lord will bless my with the gift of tongues. Russian is progressing just not coming as fast as I'd like it to. But that's where theLord is teaching me patience. It's not on my time table, it's on His! So for Christmas, I can either call you in really early in the morning or the evening here. I'll let you know when it gets closer. It's so weird here, they are setting up all these decorations, so it does feel like Chrsitmas time, but it's not for Christmas, it's for New Years. Christmas in December is completely's a normal day for Russians, then comes New Years, where it's a 2 week celebration, then comes Christmas which is one day and done. So by mid January the festivities will be done. We decorated the apartment..I'll send pictures! I got the two pictures from Brandi...came through just fine! Send more if you want! They were really fun to get! I have not slipped on ice yet! i've been told it's inevitable but not yet! I wish I could tell you more about the area, like th people and stuff, but they are really strict on what we can and can't say. The story from earlier is borderline! But that's what a journal is for...when I get home, you can read it all! :) I have to go...sorry! I'll write again next week! I love you all!
Sister Wilson