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Monday, August 1, 2011

Visa Trip!!

Hello everyone!
Again..the keyboard gets stuck...sorry! So...I went to the temple! oh my gosh if there is one place that satan doesn't want missionaries to's the temple...we had so many like 30 seconds close you can't get on the plane, nope theres no room, nope you just missed it, no room in the! One thing after another, but we got there, and did initiatories and a session! it was so amazing! I love going there do much! And Kiev is beautiful and clean and smells good! :) it was overall, just great! the next time I am in the temple will be Seattle so I need to make this one last for 7 more months! :) I sent pictures so i hope they went through...with a dew others...let me know! so yeah...temple on thursday then...mircacle baptism yesterday! One of our investigators was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but he couldn't cause of some stuff(personal) and we were like, what the heck, we know he's ready, why?!!! then yesterday E. smith is like, "I want to interview him..." two hours later and a hour before the baptism he got cleared! :) It was the pic, our investigator is the one next to Sis. Pitchforth! He's great! And he was so happy afterwards! his blessing when getting the holy ghost was so personal! It was great! so yeah, not a bad week! :) A bunch of elders that I love went home this morning...its hard to see them leave...E smith, Yates, hollingshead, stinks! But it's happens to all of us eventually :) so yeah...I got to see sis. Quinn yesterday for like 10 minutes...I love her so much! She's amazing...I hope I get to go to her area soon! We should get our schedule for traveling this week! We went to stalins' bunker for cultrue night this week...pretty cool! One of the pics are of the assistants...E Eyers is in the white jacket and E. Hale in next to him...that's there serious faces when they get calls from missionaries apparently...yeah...well i can't think of anything else to say! I'm sorry! My mind is fried...we slept in today cause we were so tired we didn't hear the alarm clock...pres knows... :) so the elders will soon know...that'll be a fun story to explain! :) oh well...we're taking naps today! I love you all so much! Thank you for everything and for your emails! it really gives me the support i need each week! I love you! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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