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Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hi everyone!!

Ok, so first before this gets too long, I wanted to have enough time to put in my guesses for Elder Saunders! :) HA HA! That's so awesome! I'm so excited! I can't stop smiling! I don't know how many I get or how it's working but for me it was one place in the states and one foriegn so I'll do that...States: Georgia :) (reason...Nate...good BBQ! And you'll come back with an accent!) Foreign: Russia...ha ha just kidding, although that would be awesome!, that's not my guess is...ITALY! The temple is being built and missionary work is on fire at least from what I heard, and they need hard working missionaries like Nate, so that's my guess! Or England...cause you'll come back with a cool accent! :) I can't wait to hear...this week is going to be so long, cause I really want to know...not as bad as Nate probably...well maybe :) Tell him congrats for me and I'm so excited for him! Ok, so this week was good. We found new investigators, and two are kinda progressing. They are reading but not coming to church. We asked one investigator to be baptized and he said maybe but he wants to learn more first. So we are still praying for that! It's been great working with the members lately! They have really opened up to us and we are having a lot of fun together! It is reminding me of home now! We had a few fun experiences on the street this lady, older Russian Orthodox, saw us talking to someone(member of the church) and started yelling at us that we were sinning and that we will be cursed by never finding husbands...the member and I just laughed. We left and I told Sis. Quinn what she said, and she laughed so hard...she had to stop and wait a little before going on, and then wnated to write it in her planner so she didn't forget to write home! I don't know if I can make it sound as funny as it actually was, but just picture a really old lady with a cane, yelling at us, and once we left, she watched us til we were out of sight...I wanted so bad to wave but I thought that would be rude! Anywyas the next day was sunny but had a breeze and we stopped one lady, again older, and she said, "Girls, I'm sorry but I will not talk with you becuase you don't have your coats on. You need to go home and get warmer clothes." Then she left. That was new...I've been givena lot of excuses of why people don't want to talk to us, but not having a coat on...that was different! Anyways...more big news, well not big, just big and scary for me...on the 11th of June I will be training RS again, but thsi time on the District level(stake). I was talking to our District President and he wanted Sis. Sartori to come up with a plan for District Training for the RS so I called her and told her what he wanted discussed, and she couldn't make it cause of a visa trip. She talked with Pres and came back on the phone and said they wanted to know if I would do it instead...ha ha ha! WhAT? I said I would I just wanted to make sure the district Pres was ok with it first, so we went back and met with him and he said that's what he wanted! His wife was in the presidency I trained last month and he said that he saw how that changed the RS and he wants that for the district...needless to say...on the 11th in New City, will be 25 women...RUssian women, and I have two hours to talk...ha ha ha! WHAT!? Sister Sartori is actually doing all the work...she is preparing what she wants talked about and I just talk about each 2 hours is on the responsiblities of the President and her counselors...should be fun...and nervewracking, but I'm excited in a weird way! We started sprots night last week. We get two hours everyweek to play some kind of was a lot of fun! ANd it is kinda a way to do missionary work in a relaxing environment...people come and we play sprots and ask if they want to meet! :) We're having an American Evening in July and a lot of people, nonmembers have shown interest, because the majority of people want to know about America, so that should be good! We're also trying to get an opne house started but that might have to wait...we have Invitation Sunday coming up in July's different being on the other side of that one! I've been the I'm the's fun! SIs. Quinn is still doing great...all over the cold so we worked like normal this week...hard! Well I think I rambled enough! I love you all so much and thank you for all your prayers and support! Take care this week! And next week...I'm sure none of you are counting...but it's my half way mark...just thought you'd want to know ;)
С Любовь Сестра Вильсон

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey there!!

So another week has gone by which is crazy to think about! Time really is going by way too fast in some ways! Sis. Quinn was sick last week with a cold, which wasn't life, new country, new weather, no sleep, always going after three months of the MTC, but she still worked so hard! I am way impressed and proud of her like everyday! She's amazing! We work well together and we both try our best with the language, and the majority of people are ok with it! :) Majority! But anyways, yeah, I love working with her! This is what missionary work should be like. Pres agrees with me and that I learned a lot from the last 2 companions, and it's made the missionary I am today so I'm good with that! :) So we have a new investigator that I am so excited about! We had four meetings on Wed and we were sitting at the branch building with a member and two meeting didn't show up, and we were getting a little down, but we started our next thing, helping our member with RS, and then this guy walks in and said he had a friend that is in America but is a member of this church and he saw the sign and wanted to know more. We took him on a tour and it was so great! After he said he wanted to come to church! We gave him a BOM and said we would meet with him on Sunday! Then Sunday, he came! And he stayed for all three hours, and said that he felt empty inside when he first came, but then something started building and it was a good feeling and he said he wants to keep coming! It was so great! We tried to have a meeting with him but that fault for not explaining everything. We told him we wanted to meet with him and we had a member with us, a girl cause we cant meet with men by oursleves, and we walked into a room and he said, "I'm going to go look at the building some more." We were like, what is he doing? So the Elders called us like 5 minutes later and long story short, our investigator thought we were going into the girls restroom. Yeah, don't ask how he thought that, but anyways, we went out to talk with him and he wants to come to Sports night on Wed and meet with us then. He is a really nice guy! We also did service with the branch on Sat and it really helped our relationships with them. We left after three hours and about a hour later, a member called and asked us to come back and eat dinner with the branch so we did and they were all so excited that we came back! Which hasn't ever happened, at least now like this! It was great! They are asking us gospel/leadership questions and actually following our advice! The ward is finally growing again! Hey, there is amember here who is going to be in Seattle visiting her sister in July or August! She's the 2nd Counselor in RS and the one I've been working with! Sh'es great! So if you want to meet her or takl with her, let me know, she said she can meet you at the temple...she speaks English so dn't worry! :) Well I think that is all for now! i love you all so much! Take care this week!
Love Sister Wilson

Ok side note...I'm dying in the heat and it's only like 80 degrees! Yeah add like 30 more and thats summer in Russia! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Oh my I know what it feels to be a hard working missionary...hard working as in doing the work, Sis Quinn is amazing! I love her so much! We have worked hard every single day including her first one! She isn't even unpacked yet...don't worry, we have time today! It's so great! i feel great! It's been a great week! She's adorable too and I'm learning so much from her! :) I know I'm the trainer, but I think it's a good thing when the trainer learns more than the trainee. She just came from the MTC where they are teaching the newest things so why not? :) I'm so happy to be serving with her! It's great! Here is an example...usually we would place like 5 Book of Mormons a week...since last Wednesday we have placed 25! :) AH!! It's great! We have found two new investigators and people onthe street are giving us contacts! It's not perfect but it's great! the biggest blessing I've seen is that I understand! Before I didn't understand everything and I still don't...but I have such a testimony that the Lord calls and qualifes...with Sis. Tedrow and Sis. Braginets I didn't NEED to understand...I tried but I didn't need to. Now I need to and I do. It's amazing! We've talked to so many people and I bet there were only two I didn't understand. The members all said that I speak better too. Our District President said that it's cause the Lord needs me to speak and understand so I can! The gift of tongues is so real its unbelievable! And it's so amazing to know that the Lord is 100% in control and it's all on His time! I love it! Sorry this is kinda confusing...the ZL's are here and they keep talking...which is great but distracting! Ok...they the work is going forth and we're helping RS each week! Sis. Quinn has so much faith and desire it's hard not to be excited all the time! I'll try to send a pic soon! I'm so looking forward to the next three months. Pres said that he wants me to train the whole three training months so 95% sure I'll be in Komcomolcke til the end of July...but by then we will have our next visa trip...KIEV TEMPLE! YAY! so excited! I miss the temple so much but it's such a great feeling knowing that I'll be going in less than three months! We have our ZL day again this Friday. I'm excited...I learned so much last time! And it's alot of fun! I spoke yesterday in sacrament...a lot of people were like, "Sis Wilson! When did you learn Russian!?" Back sided compliment, but I'll take it :) So it's bee a good week! We had training last week for the trainers before bringing in the new missionaries and that was really helpful! We won't have new sisters now for the next 6 months so after 3 months, I know I won't be training! It'll be completely normal...I hope! Well I think I've rambled grammar and English are getting so bad...sorry for typos or anything. I'm to the point wher I think in Russian a lot so I'm trying to think in Englsih and Russian keeps popping up. That's a good sign I'm told! :) When I get home people will think there is something wrond with me! :) Ok...I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support! Take care!
Sis. Wilson

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello again!!!

Hi, It seems weird to write to you since we just talked last night but I'm glad! That was so fun to hear from you! It's weird to go that long without hearing your voices and then be like, "Hey I remember." And again sorry if I wasn't understandable at times. Sis. Lednova was laughing so hard when I would be speaking English and Russian words would randomly come up. She would yell, "Sis. Wilson, your family doesn't understand when you're speaking Russian and English at the same time." I hear its a good sign when you start mixing languages or when you start forgetting words in your native language, so I'm half way there! :) Anyways, last night was fun thank you so much! Sorry I talked so much! I wanted to hear from you all too but I'll read your letters when I get back! :) Well today is a holiday, a big one, like the 4th of July in America, so we have to be in by 6 tonight,but President decided last night that he wants to do a film/training today for all missionaries in Samara. It keeps us off the street and keeps us from being bored. So tonight we have training for a little bit with President, then a testimony meeting, and then we get to watch the Joseph Smith movie. That should be fun! On Wednesday morning is the big day! I'm so excited! I really hope that this cycle with be normal. Everything i know and Presdident knows about Sis. Quinn points to her being a hard worker so we're both really excited! It's a weird feeling knowing that today in America is her last in the MTC. I remember that time and it was a lot of mixed emotions, and I just want to help her adjust the best I can. So anyways. I'm also looking forward to going back and being with my ZL's and DL, and the missionaries in my zone. kinda :) It's been fun here, E. Smith who wasmy ZL is a ZL in Samara right now so I've been able to work with him this last week which was good, but my ZL's called the other day and asked how my day was, and I told then that the assistants and ZL's asked us to dinner to talk and my ZL's were like, "Sister Wilson don't let them woo you to the Samara Zone. You're in our zone...don't talk to them!" THen the ZL's in Samara found out and they were like whatever, you're in our zone until you get in the van on Wednesday. tonight all ZL's will be there, so that should be fun! :) I love the Elders in our mission! They are fun and respomsible, it's great! I forgot to tell you....E. Morris from the MTC, he is a new ZL in the Saratov zone! And his companion is E. Barton(his trainier,my first DL) So cool! And I also forgot to tell you. We all went to a museum last week for culture nith. That was fun! I'll send some pictures soon if I can! THe missionaries going home were there too so it was good ot say goodbye to tehm. Sorry that my typing is so bad...this computer isn't the best so I hope it's understandable! That's cool that you had some contact in a way with E. Humes! I really did always respect him! Tel him hi for me! Well i think that's it for now! I don't have much else to say that I didn't say last night! I love you all so much! I can't wait til December...well I can in a way but you understand :) Take care and I'll write next holiday! :) Love you!
Sister Wilson

Monday, May 2, 2011

One week till I can call ya:)

So I finally got the call know, one day I'll get a transfer call that involves me moving to a new area, but not this time! Sis. Braginets is going to Samara, and I American! I'm so excited, and so unbelievable nervous at the same time! To be honest, I know I've gotten better at Russian, but I've always had a companion to lean on if I got now we'll really see how well I can speak...I can see the contacting situation...the new sister starts, then gets stuck and turns to me, who turns around and realizes...oh...mmm....! Just'll be great, I'm sure! is the schedule for the next week or so. I hope it isn't confusing! If it is well I guess I could call you about it!...6 days! Wednesday morning we are going to Samara and will be with the sisters there for the day, like when Sis. Braginets had her VISA trip. Then Thursday, early early, Sis. Taylor(a sister in Samara) and I have our Visa trip. Friday after we wake up from 8 hours of sleep(when we have visa trips, no matter what time we come back, Pres wants all missionaries to get 8 hours of sleep! I love that man!) me and Sis. Lednova (yep I get to work with her again, I'm so excited!) will leave to a new area in Samara, where she will be serviing. Sis. Braginets and SIs. Taylor will be companions from then on out and me and Sis. Lednova will be together from the 6th-11th, when our trainees come in. Then on the 11th, we'll go to the office, pick up our companions and head to our areas! Yeah..a lot is happening in the next week and a half so I hope that was all understandable! Again, I don't know if I will be able to email next Monday...we were lucky today, the library was open, but next Monday is a really big holiday for them, so who knows. Elder Yates(DL right now) is also staying, which I'm so grateful for, and he will also be training a new American, so our District will be the four of us, the ZL's and thats it. The senior couple got a all the misssionaries will be American in our district...should be fun! I'm grateful I got to serve with Sis. Braginets but it is time she moves on. She's grown a lot and she even said she knows she can do this without me, so I'm excited for her! This last week, was good, slow in the work. But I talked with Sis. Sartori last week, and she asked about RS and how it was being run. I told her, and she told me to do, this this this this...yeah. Sunday I trained the RS was ok. Kinda awkward, but good. They didn't know a lot of things that should happen, and I hope it wasn't like a dump everything on them at once, but they know that I now have permission to help them so that was good! The first counsleor, she speaks Englsih, said, "I bet you didn't think that you would be serving two missions...your own, and Relief Society." At first, I didn't want to. I didn't want to take time away from the work, but as I was talking to Sis. Sartori, I realized that if I have permission to train presidencies, and I don't, and I leave an area and the RS is weaker than when I got there, I really do think that might be the biggest regret of my mission. So I'm doing what I can and I just know i need to always remember, Missionary work comes first. I don't think that will be a problem, considering I need to train someone to do the work! :) I really am excited! So what else...oh how could I have almost forgot? Bugs! Mosquitos to be more specific! They hated me in Washington...they love me here! I have so many bites it's ridiculous...and the thing that annoys me...I'm the only one! No one else in the district has a bite...I have like 12! They better stay away from my face thats all I have to say! I know that is vain, but...well...yeah I have no rebuttle to that! ;) So last week it got warmer...almost to 70 degrees so I was without my coat, just a normal shirt, shortsleeve. Yeah...if they didn't know i was American before, they do now! Apparently, it is not short sleeve shirt weather yet...whatever! I was dying it was so hot in my jacket...S. Braginets thought it was funny that everytime we would contact, if people stopped it was to ask where my coat was. It's almost 70 and people are wearing coats! That's just not right :) I got a little bit of a sunburn but not bad...another reason to not wear a coat...if it's hot enough to get a sunburn, it's hot enough to go without a coat! Ok I'm done...I think that is all for now...I will of course talk to you in 6 days! I'm so excited! Thank you for everything! I love you all so much! Take Care!
Sister Wilson