Russia Samara Mission

Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hi from Russia!!!:)

Ok, so where to start...first off I'm rather annoyed that every word I type they tell me is spelt wrong(it's a Russian keyboard). Anyways...yeah seriously where tp begin. First off, email me all you want! They can be long!!! :) I can print off the emails and read them at home so it won't take up my email time, so anyone can email me and I just print them off! It's fun! So don't worry about making the emails short. It is the best way to get ahold of me, and the addresses on the sheet at home work to, just takes longer. The one that goes to SLC is pouch mail only. So...Russia...I love it! I'm not trying to make things better than they are so don't worry! :) Yes, it's dirty, actually dirty is the understatement of the century, yes it stinks, another one of those understatements, but I love it! The people I've met, I love working with! No on ever smiles on the street, but I do! Ha ha! I'm suppose to, I'm a missionary! They all definitely know I'm American by looking at me! Some people find it entertaining while other people, well I'm pretty sure I've heard swear words (my comp won't tell me). But mostly I'm entertaining people! I bought some boots, and today I need to buy the rest of the stuff! Big coat with fur and the accessories! :) It's cold but not any colder than Idaho had been. It's getting colder but not unbearble yet. I've been promised it will come! One big thing here is snow! like the actual snowflakes are huge! I was studying and looked out the window and there were these huge white things the size of golf balls! I thought someone shredded a pillow! I asked Sis. Tedrow what that was....she politely replied, "That's snow Sis. Wilson. Welcome to Russia." Yeah, she's told every member we talk to that story! Oh well, it's funny, if it didn't happen to me, I'd tell it too! My companion, Sis. Tedrow is a lot of fun! She's a little sick right now, so that's not good, but we have so much fun together and she's very patient with my lack of Russian! Speaking of Russian stinks! When you told me on the phone I sounded like a Russian person, I'll be honest, I thought maybe I speak better than I think I do! lied! I stink at Russian! I hve no idea what people are saying to me! And I love when I don't understand, they say it slower and louder...cause that's going to help! :) They're just trying to help and the members all think it's funny, but they said they very much appreciate when and American comes over and is trying to learn the language! So they don't hate me! They just think I'm fun to listen to! And I got sniffed by one of them! They said I smell too clean so I must be an American! :) The food is amazing! I'm seriously going to get fat cause I realized this week I have no self control! Well I do, but not when it comes to breads and cheeses! And candy and chocolate! So yep, no self control! I have a strict exercise schedule every morning that no one thinks I'll keep after the first few weeks, but little do they know, how vain I actually am! :) j/k! They only thing I have hated is something Bro. Wood warned us about in the MTC. Meat jello! except its not like the good raspberry jello. No Russian jello is fat that they freeze for a long time till it turns gelatin and then they put left over meats in it. So picture floating meat chunks in clearish fat! Yeah, I had it last night! I'm not sure how I did that, but I did. The lady last time gave us so much food, I didn't think I would be able to walk home! But we walk everywhere which is good! Cause we eat all the time! So, what else is there? My apartment is good! A lot better than I was expecting! The elevator very much scares me. The other day we were going down and it stopped working for a few seconds, it was pitch dark in there too! Sis. Tedrow was like, "Oh my gosh. This is isn't good!" So yeah you can guess I handled that well! ;) j/k! It started in like a minute! But yeah they aren't nice elevators with music. They are about 4 feet wide so it's pretty stuffed with two of us in there, with local artists pictures all over(grafitti) with your selections of gum! And other things I don;t want to know what they are! But oh well! So in emails we aren't allowed to mention names of people, or specifics about our lessons, for obvious reasons, so when I get a chance to write a letter I'll talk more about the work. I don't want you to think I'm being lazy! I just can't write about's pretty specific what we can't do! So I don't think I've had any really bad moments...well except when I first heard a little like 4 year old kid talk in the Moscow airport. Yeah, he talked better than me. I think the elders around me thought I was going to cry! It was funny, but I was so tired, I just stared at the kid. Like seriously, you're 4! I don't even have the vocab of a 4 year old! Like I said, I entertain people! It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone at the different airports! But it had to be done, to get to this point! It's weird, in the MTC you imagine the field, but I never imagined this! It's not bad, it's just so different! But it's amazing how the Lord helps me! I can honesly say, He hasn't left my side the whole time! I don't know how I've been able to do all that we've done, with little to no sleep the first few days, major jet lag, and still be standing and happy! It's only cause of Him that it's possible! So I think the hardest part of the week was yesterday and Saturday. We were always around members so I met a lot of people,and I would bet half of them would try and speak english to me. I kept telling them I wanted to speak Russian but they ignored me! Sis. Tedrow said that I should just keep speaking russian as much as I can, cause what they want is for me to teach them English! Are you kidding me? I can barely say, I need to go to the bathroom, and they want me to teach them an entire language?! Yeah, I had a headache yesterday for sure! Cause I really wanted to speak English, but couldn't so I spoke Russian, which i also can't really do! Oh well, it'll get better! I think I've talked about everything that I can remember! I'll try to write more next time but my fingers can only go so fast when they are cold! And I also have to write my mission president...that's why I now have a hour for email! Again, write as much and as often as you want! it's the only mail, I know i'll get on a regular basis! And if you have a quesion you want me to answer, put it at the top of the email so I know to answer it that week! :) I hope that made sense! Well I better get going. Only a few minutes left! I love you all so much! Don't worry about me! I know we were all thinking...Russia...that's scary and I don't know if I want her going there! But it's not scary! I'm fine! Take care and I'll write next Monday!
Love, Sister Wilson

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving was shared with all the Missionaries in Brittanys
Zone by two very special Senior Companions!!!
Thank you for making them feel like home:-)

Thanksgiving in Russia!!!:)

Dear Brother and Sister Wilson,

Thank you for your kind words. Russia (as well as the rest of the world) does not celebrate Thanksgiving. This is my very most favorite holiday. Gratitude and thanks could be celebrated each day and I try to do this without lessening the importance. I love Thanksgiving Day!

We asked our couples to provide a special lunch or dinner with all the missionaries in their area. Unfortunately we don't have couples serving where everyone of our missionary companionships are. Sis. Wilson was blessed to be in Tolyatti (Toliatti) and the Russian Senior Couple along with the Zone Leaders planned a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner to be together and celebrate their blessings.

Please enjoy this picture.

Our Love,
President and Sister Sartori
Russia Samara Mission

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sister Wilson with Pres & Sis. Sartori
She is now in Russia!!!

Sis. Wilson in the Russia Samara Mission

Dear Bro. & Sis. Wilson,

We are contacting you to let you know that your daughter, Sis. Wilson, arrived in our Samara Mission late last night/early this a.m. She is excited to be here. She shared that the language culture was still a little shock in the Moscow Airport, even though she has studied the language. We totally understand this feeling. It is now 4:00 p.m. our time and she should be with her new companion in our Komsomolski Area in our Toliatti Zone. Our Mission Driver helps us transport our new and transferring missionaries because our mission is so widespread. Toliatti is 1 1/2 hours from Samara. The Mission Office and Mission Home are in Samara.

Our Mission has outlying branches some 3 hours drive by car up to 8 hour drive.

THANK YOU FOR SENDING YOUR WONDERFUL DAUGHTER TO SERVE IN OUR MISSION. It took one hour to travel home from the airport and we were able to meet and visit with her. She is a delight. We felt the wonderful spirit that she carries. We are so happy to serve with her here.

We love Sis. Wilson.

President & Sister Sartori
Russia Samara Mission

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Me and Sis. Whitney!!

Sis. Margolies, Kekauoha, Me, Sis. Whitney and Elder Wallace!

Me and Sis. Kekauoha

Me, Elder Windham, E. Peterson and Sis. Margolies!!

Ukraine District and our District!!
The sisters with Elder Windham!!
Me and my favorite comp.

More Snow Day!!!

Play day outside!! SNOW DAY!!!:)
Giving a chart as to why girls should write these two:)
Elder Noren was the leader and Elder Bangerter was Embarrassed!!! lol

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Less than a week!

Mom and Dad,
Ok, so before I go on about my week, I don't know if you got my travel plans that I sent out...I would think you'd get it today if you haven't already, but I leave Monday at that will be the time I'll be allowed to call probably is around 6-7am Utah time...Sorry it's so early, Brandi might want to spend the night that night! :) Just in case the plans don't come, I'm travelling with Elders Bahr, Morris, Windham, and Ortner, and Sis. Margolies. It'll be so much fun being with all of them! At least til Moscow then it's just me and my two travel buddies! :) Ok and before I go on...yep we had another apostle last Tues. Elder Bednar came! Four in a row...never happened at the MTC before! It was so exciting! He talked about the doctrine and how we can always find answers there! It was really good! Ok, so yep, I'm done to a week! Well less than a this pday is crazy busy trying to get everything done! I've been really good with not crying, when I think about leaving everyone but I have a feeling the floodgates are going to open soon! ;) Everyday gets harder and harder to say goodbye! I know I keep saying this, but the people I've met here, especially my district, are a part of my family! I really don't want to leave all of them, but I also really want to go to Russia, and since that's what the Lord wants, that's what I'll do! Dad, thank you so much for writing that letter! It was really encouraging to all of us! :) And thank you for the package! The food was amazing as always! They downed it again, and we sent out a card on Saturday! Thank you thank you for the jewelry! Both necklaces are perfect! Ok so for this week, just so you know, they've told us to let family and friends know about letters. Dear elders only come mon-fri, so if you want to write one, it has to be in by Fri at noon (Utah time) or I won't ever get it. Letters/packages still come on Sat but with those also, if it comes on Monday, they won't forward to me. It's really too much of a hassle for them, so I'm just passing it on! :) Thank you for all your letters! I love hearing from you and I'm not looking forward to not getting mail on a regular basis! Oh well! :) And starting next week, you can e-mail me! I can only write back to family as far as I'm aware but that's the best way for us to keep in contact! So, we are hosting new missionaries again tomorrow! Last week was a lot of fun! It's amazing to see how far we've come since that first day! Crazy that it's been 11 weeks! (tomorrow) Went by way too fast! I teach my last lesson tomorrow night! Well last one in the MTC...of course! :) It was also my last time at the temple for awhile, this morning. It was a good experience though. My district and the Ukranian district(the other older ones leaving with us) decided to go to the same session and eat together afterwards. But after the session, Elder Ortner came up to us and asked if we would quickly help him seal his mom to her parents, so we got to do that before eating. It was really amazing to do a session, than sealings! I'll miss the temple! I might get to go on VISA trips but there are no guarantees! I am so excited for Alex! I got a letter from him and Jordan and they both seem just so ready to go! They're going to both make great missionaries! I wish I had like funny stories for this week but it's really been more of an emotional week...with of course fun in there! After the travel plans came it was like, reality sunk in! Its great but also scary and sad at the same time! When I saw Moscow and Samara on my travel plans I just felt this weight! Not in a bad way, just like, "wow, I'm actually going to be there." But at the same time, our district all talked together and we all feel as ready as we're going to get. E. Bangerter said it perfectly..."We've become missionaries." I know it sounds wierd, but I got set apart as a missionary, but that doesn't make someone a missionary...not in the way I see it now. Over the last three months, the Lord has been molding us into what we need to be, to be His representative. That's what makes someone a missionary! And I'm scared to death thinking that I may not be ready, but I have to rely on the Lord that He'll take care of what I lack! You know better than anyone, that a mission was never an option for me. I never wanted to do it, so when the prompting came it was weird and hard to understand. But looking back now, this was the best decision I've made in my life. I am so proud of Alex and Jordan for making the same one! And honestly, tell anyone that is even thinking about it! Yeah there are hard days, and frustrating days, sad days and some even a little depressing! But those end up being the best days! That's when you come to rely on the Lord! That's when you realize what you're Savior had done for you! Those are the days that make you a missionary! So when the days come that are awesome and fun and great, life just couldn't get better! There's no such thing as a bad day in the mission, just a bad outlook! There are too many blessings all around us to not be able to find something to make us cheer up! :) Thank you again for everything you've done for me! You are both such great examples to me and to my district! They love you so much! :) I can't wait to talk with you on Monday! It'll be so fun! I love you both! Take care and I'll talk to you soon!

Love, CECTPA Wilson

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3rd week in a row!

Mom and Dad,
Yep, I'm serious, last Tuesday marked the third week in a row that an apostle came to the MTC! Elder M. Russell Ballard this time!! We were all so shocked! They can't remember three in a row ever happening...which to begin with we all thought, 'yeah we're pretty cool' then someone made the comment that maybe we "need" the apostles to our high horse only lasted a few seconds! :) But it was so amazing again to be in the presence of an apostle! And then Sunday night's fireside, Sheri Dew came! I love her! I read most of her books before and she is just as amazing in person! She talked a lot about knowing why we're here. That there's a reason for everything and that Heavenly Father will tell you why if you ask Him! It was a really good talk! And she's so funny! So yeah, we're making guesses on tonight's devotional...we know Elder Bednar is scheduled to come in November but we don't know when so who knows! Exciting! So, anyways...thank you so much for the package! My teeth are very happy with my toothbrush! :) It's sad I know, but it's one of those simple pleasures in life that I enjoy very much! And the Elders loved the food as always...they sent out another thank you card and this one was hilarious...there are some fun comments for you Dad! You should get it tomorrow! And I'm printing more pictures today but it'll take about a week to get them back cause they are backed up! So I won't send them out til probably next week! But they are so fun! we did get our temple walks back on a probationary last week we took most of our zone 'goodbye' pictures just in case we lose the temple trips before we leave. We'll take more as just a district before we leave though so it was good to get the zone ones out of the way! So we are going to be hosting for the new missionaries this week and probably next week! I get to help new sisters get settled into the MTC which I never thought would happen when I first got here but I have this place down now! After 9 weeks I better know my way around! :) It'll be fun! Ok so fun story, actually rather embarrassing but you'll find it funny I'm sure. Everyone else did. We were teaching our investigator last night(the one set for baptism) and we were teaching about temples, the word of wisdom, and of course everyone's favorite law...chastity. So I had to teach the chastity part and after all of the prep I did, I could not pronounce the russian word for was ridiculous! What's more ridiculous is that the word for chastity in Russian is like 5 miles long...but anyways, I totally butchered the word during the lesson, everything else went fine, but after when we were doing reviews, I could say it just fine! Not one problem with pronunciation! All the elders thought it was hilarious! And for the record, I can still say it this morning too! :) speaking of the language, yesterday started our two week countdown which means 100% Russian all the time! It's hard! But we get better at it each day! Maybe by the time we leave we'll be speaking 100% ;) That's so exciting about Alex's call! I would be going crazy having to wait to open it but he's more patient than I am! I'm so excited for him! So I hate to tell you this, but I'm not as mature as I was when I came in (no laughing). Some of our elders really like being the first one's in the cafeteria every meal time and they use my "sister power" to help them. so the last few weeks I've been trying to beat them to the front of the line but becasue they're more pushy than me, I've never one...well until this week! Ok so what the Elders call "sister power" is that most elders let the sisters go in front of them, take their trays, etc. MOST! So we were in line, and my elders were talking about how they were going to beat to the front again, and I was tired of losing, so I politely asked the elder in the front of the line if I could go in front of him. I explained that I had Elders in my district trying to beat me to the table and I'd never won or ever used my "sister power" before. He was laughing but he let me cut! :) I won! then the next meal, it was me, Elder noren, and Elder Bangerter in front when they opened the doors, and Elder Noren took off, so I had to kinda beat him...I did. When they caught up to me, Elder Bangerter said, "Sister Wilson, you ran to beat us in line! That's great! You're getting less mature by the day!" He was so happy about that! but to put you at ease...I'm not so immature....I just try to beat the elders in line at meals...other than that I'm very mature! ;) No seriously, the Elders in my district is what has been keeping me going! And Sis. Margolies of course! I'm not going to lie...this is so much harder than I imagined it would be! There are days that I sit in class and just think, how is this possible? but my district is always there to help each other! We've been such a strength when someone is struggling! Our teacher, Bro. Wood told us last week that he's been teaching Russian districts for 3 years, and this is the first one that he feels 100% confident in sending out to the field, and it was partly to do with how we are with each other! They really have become a part of my family and I can't imagine leaving them all in two weeks, not knowing if I'll ever see them again! But, it comes with the calling, I guess! On Sunday we had testimony meeting and our district always sits on the front row...the other three disticts know not to sit there! :) And everyone of us got up and bore our testimony! It was so great! And powerful! We've come so close together in just three months! I've never become so close with people so fast before but I know why! Because of what we're doing together! 24/7 we're in the service of our Heavenly Father, preparing with all our hearts to serve His children! This is hard! Every day is hard in one way or another, and when you go through and stuggle with each other in the way we do here, it would be almost impossible not to become a family....And I'm so so so grateful for my district! I know not all districts are like mine, so everyday it's one of the first things I thank my Father for! First comes all of you! :) Then comes them! And they love Sister Debbie! And the brag about Sister debbie to everyone in the hallway! So they're your family too! ;) My time is running out I have to get going! i love you all so much! take care and I'll write today! Love you!
Love, CECTPA Wilson
PS. I am much better! My ribs are back to normal...jusst a little cough left! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Cause of the Zone Leaders we are now known throughout
the MTC as the "Fightin Boars"! E. Noren's brother sent the banner
to them one day so they have it hanging up in their classroom:-)

Sis. Wilson & Sis. Whitney
Running partners!!

We were suppose to be serious but
Brittany& E. Bangerter didn't get the message!

Sis. Wilsons room- it's so nice!!
Her old one was small!:)

3 Weeks left....CRAZY!!!!!!

Mom and Dad, Hey! Can you believe I only have 3 weeks left at the MTC? That's so crazy! It has gone by so fast and I really don't want to leave everyone I've met here but I'm ready to get started...apart from the not being that great at Russian, but at least I can do the basics! :) Ok so it's been a long and crazy week some of which I'll tell you about later in a letter cause it's seriously just been crazy! But one thing I will tell you is...first off, I'm totally fine! But I had to go to the Dr. yesterday. I've had a cold for the last few days and my ribs started to hurt everytime I'd cough so they had been get it checked(since I'm leaving the country in 3 weeks...had to mention it again!). I'm fine but I have some bruised ribs...I wasn't aware that was possible but it is. Not a big deal. I have to take 600mg of Motrin 3 times a day and have an ice pack on for 30 minutes, 4 times a day, but other than that I'm good! The pain is almost completely gone so as long as the elders stop making me laugh hard, I should be back to normal in a few days! :) They've been really good about it though. They said it was impressive I could cough so hard to bruise my ribs...not sure what's impressive about it, it's definitely not lady like, but whatever! :) So that was one fun thing about last week! But of course you know about the coolest part! ELDER SCOTT came! And my district was asked to be ushers! So we were on the ground level helping people, when someone came over the pulpit and reminded us again (2nd week in a row) that if we were to see one of the brethen to stand up! Well I was on the other side so when everyone stood up I couldn't see who it was! All the elders here are pretty tall, at least taller than me! So I was kinda trying to jump(graciously of course) to see who it was and one of the security guards came up to me and said, 'I'll save you the trouble Sister, it's Elder Richard G. Scott.' I was so excited! He's been my favorite for as long as I can remember! Well not favorite, I don't have a favorite, but I really like him! ;) When we were done ushering, they led us to our saved seats which...drum roll....were literally right in front of him! We sat down and he smiled at all of us! I felt like such a dork! I was like, what do I do? An apostle is looking at me?! I smiled back though...I didn't embarrass the family! ;) But yeah, the apostolic blessings he put on us were amazing! When he invoked the gift of tongues that whole room just changed. He said that the work needs to go forth and the Lord wants us to speak what language we need to, to accomplish it! So he gave us the gift of tongues(according to our faith in it). Since then I would love to say Russian just flows out of my mouth but it doesn't. What did happen is we're able to speak more, learn faster, and understand the first time around! We've all noticed an increase in our ability to learn Russian! It's amazing! Anyways...I'll write you about the rest of the week later today! So...Jordan got his mission call! I'm so excited for him! That is going to be amazing! I bet he can't stop smiling! March is a long ways off but there's a lot of stuff to get done between now and then so it'll go by so fast for him! Before he knows it, he'll be in the MTC and then in the field! It's true when people tell you that the mission goes by fast. I don't know how it feels back home, but I feel like I just got here yesterday and I'm leaving in 3 weeks! I haven't even been to Russia, but I don't want to leave it! I love you all and you know that, but this is the best thing I've done in my life, and being able to serve the Lord 24/7 is something I'm not even close to being ready to stop doing. :) Thank you so much for the Halloween package! It was again much appeciated! And the pretsels were adorable! And real quick, we did get some of the jerky so don't worry. Sis. Margolies got some too...not as much as the Elder's but that's our fault not theirs. They gave us every opportunity, I just won't eat any if I don't have floss! :) So I had a few at the end of each day! It was so good! Thank you! The other zone is so jealous! They always pop their head in and ask if Sis. Debbie has sent anything. The elders are good at saying either no, or yes, but she sent it to District 9b, sorry! My elders love you! :) And they brag about you all the time! So about the new missionaries...3 sisters were going to of them never showed up to the MTC, and the other two have gone home(story will come in the letter). So I'm back to being the only sister going, and now I'm the only sister going to Samara in the next 12 weeks! Crazy! I haven't really got to know the new missionaries too much, just kinda randomly. My district stays together most of the time, or is with the Ukranian district(they leave with us, we're the two older districts). We get a long really well! I wish I could remember all the funny things that happen each week but I never can when I get to this part! But the elders definitely keep me going! They are so funny! I'll be honest, some of the new ones in the zone are definitely 19...or younger ;) but they hold the priesthood which is all I need to know! Our zone has had a rough week. People went home, some people are still struggling with the idea. My district and the other older district(Ukranian's) are struggling with leaving in 3 weeks and not feeling ready. It's seriously felt like blow after blow. But last night I was laying in bed and the Standard of Truth was on the wall. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from going matter what has happened this week, or how we feel, we've all realized through helping each other, that the work will go forth. We'll have our bad days and that's when we need to remember that! The work will go forth! Until Christ comes and tells us it's done, we will keep going! I know that no matter what may lay ahead for me in Russia, no matter what people tell us is coming, the Lord has prepared each of us to teach the gospel to His children! And the work will go forth! That's what's important. It's not me as individual, the sooner you get over yourself the sooner you get to what the Lord needs you to do! It's the Lord's work thats important!. That's what is at stake here! I love both of you so much! And I'm doing really good! I'll write more later today! I hope everyone is doing good there! Thank you for everything you've done fore me! Take care! Love,