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Friday, August 19, 2011


Ok, so yep, he got baptized yesterday! Another one of our investigators! Wow! He was so ready it was ridiculous! WE are both fully aware of how little we have to do with someone being baptized...they come fully prepared to us it seemslike. Heavenly Father really does a lot of work! :) It was good! I sent 4 pictures...hopefully they come through this time! they are two of yesterdays baptism...missionaries and some members,and our investigator...he's inwhite! :) and then the combined baptism last week with the assistants...our investigator is the girl in white :) So great! I think the only bad thing yesterday was the embarrassing part when our investigator, sorry new member, tried to hug me afterwards...WE shook my hand and went to hug me and I did like the backwards limbo while saying in RUssian, not allowed. ALl the members are missionaries at the same time were like, oh no no no. behonest, I enjoy teaching women better! but :) some times we just need to laugh! So yeah...great end of the week, and we have an investigator gettingbaptized this Sunday too! She is amazing! WE met her on the street. We were headed to the church and she was standing there waiting for something, and we were like, hey do you have like 20minutes totalk with us? she said yes, so we taught her about Joseph Smith,nextlesson set a date, she came to church, the ward loves her, andshe announced to everyone yesterday, hey do you know Im getting baptized, you should come! :) So great!In our zone we are titling August "MIRACLE month!" It so is! We set a goal for 4 baptisms in our companionship and I have never set a goal that I feel so comfortbale is the Lords goal! And at first I'mlike what the heck, 4? Never going to happen...but I worked on my faith :) and then wow..miracles came! Soooo great! And we went to Penza last week. Train was fun! We got to the train station and our phone wouldn't work, we could hear people but they couldn't hear after like 20 minutes of trying, we hear E. Eyerson the phone say, "That's it. WE're bringing you a phone,see you at the station." We were like, there is no way he's going to make it. The train leaves in like 20 minutes and they are across town. Well We are in the hallof the train and the train has 1minute till it leaves and we see our lovely assistants running down the hallway! 30 seconds to spare! It was fun! I don't sleep well on trains I found out...yep...left at 10:00pm,got into penza at 5:30...up at 6:30...contacted for 16 hours over two days, got on the train at 10:30, got in at 6:00am, fun times it was and we got our schedule changed. We leave on another train tonight! We're going to Saratov this week! Sis. Quinn! I'm so excited to see and work with her again! I called her last night and told her we were coming and we were both so excited! It'llbe fun! :) And this time the assistants are coming with us onthe train so they don't have to run. Busy week...but I love it! And the work is amazing! Us being gone from our does Heavenly Father take care of that for us...we got back and the next day foiund 5 new investigators! Love it! It's all in His hands! Do what you need and are asked todo and whatever is suppose to happen will happen! I have to go! Il ove you all so much! I hope you got thepics! I'll write again next week! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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