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Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Year Really?????:-)

Hi! does not feel like it's been a year since you all dropped me off at the MTC. Crazy! Well...this week was good! Found 12 new investigators...and we think that maybe two of them have potential...awesome! ;) A lot of people are interested in meeting but getting the second appointment has been a downfall for us lately...but we did set a new baptisimal date with one of our investigators so we have two set for September right now! Yesterday at church one of the women was surprised that there wasn't going to be a baptism that day and she was excited about how many we've had and Sis. Pitchforth turned and said. "well...the field is white already to harvest..." and it's so true here! It's amazing how the work is progressing in this area! I love it! Well we didn't have any cool gun stories this week and as I read from Dad's email I'm sure you're all ok with that! :) We did go to the zoo last week for Culture zoos...we walked in and the first big cage had a...wait for it wait for it...a SQUIRREL! I was so amazing we could barely contain our excitement! Then the next one...well...they said it was some african little animal...but as E. Hale nicely put it..."Um...yeah...that's a cat that they found on the street." No it was fun. They did have some cool animals too...andthey had snakes, which now my companion and a few Elders know that I'm kinda a baby...yeah it was not a little gardener snake it was a huge, I can swallow you whole snake! It was so gross! Yep...didn't stay there for that exhibit very long. Transfers for sisters were called down and we are staying here! We're so excited! We have a lot of fun together and this week we found out that we have a lot of fun at night too...well if you remember correctly...I have allergies and when I sneeze or blow my nose...well it's loud(fog horn is how Sis. Pitchforth puts it...I think a few at home put it that way too) night I blew my nose and Sis. Pitchforth, all while still asleep, said, WOW, then laughed and then started riding a pretend bicycle in the air...I was so confused and wanted to laugh so hard(I have her permission to put this in here by the way...we're both laughing right now!). I was like, wow I so have something to hold over her head now, and then when I told her in the morning she laughed super hard and then..."Well I was just trying to get away from the incoming ship!." Yeah..we are so excited we are still together! She is so much fun! We are all going to McDonalds today as a district, should be fun...but before that, we are going with the Zone Leaders and one of their investigators to some mountain today. The guy is super nice and loves America and said there is a mountain with amazing views that he wanted to show us so we're headed up there after email! So excited! Well I think that is it for the week! We have Zone Conference this week and President Schwitzer(Area President) and Elder Zwick(1st Seventy...I think he came to Mt. Vernon once a few years ago but maybe not) are goign to be there. We have been learning the 4th section of D&C in Russian cause Pres. Schwitzer asked us to...and well...lets just say we have two days left...and well...we're working on it! SIs. Pitchforth said today..."I hope we don't lose a baptism thismonth because we have such a bad attitude about memorizing this." Should be fun! :) I love you all! Take care this week!
Sister Wilson

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