Russia Samara Mission

Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Monday, January 30, 2012



Sis. Wilson release date has changed and she will be flying home this week. We are very excited and can not wait to see her and hear all about her mission and her experiences in Russia. Stay tone to hear from Sis. Wilson herself VERY SOON:-) YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D

Letter From Sis. Wilson

So this will be a short one...since I'll talk to you all in like three
days...I still haven't heard when my flight is but should be any day. Again
sorry Mom and Dad for giving you a heart attack when I called, but at least
it was good news! :) To be honest, I didn't think it would be this hard leaving
my mission, but it is. I have so many different emotions going on right
now...but I guess it comes with the calling! And I wouldn't have changed it for
the mission was great...and that is such an understatement...I can't
wait to tell you all about it, even though you might get bored...hopefully
not! I don't have too much time, so I will just let you know that I love you all
and that I'll see you soon! Thank you for everything, all of your support! It
meant a lot and will continue to! Love you!
Sister Wilson....
I guess I need to get used to people not calling me that ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012


Sis. Wilson and her companion Sis. Webb at th Kiev Temple:-)

Sisters at Zone Conference!!


Hi, was transfers...nothing changed! I'm with Sis. Webb in
Avrora til the end! :) I'm excited about it! We have fun togetehr! Not a lot
of changes...well E. Hale is no longer an assistant(E. Bruckhuessen is the new
one).So...not a lot to talk about this week...We've been inside since yeah...not a lot goes on inside! I woke up Wednesday morning with
a realy bad headache and backache...and it kept getting worse....Its better now,
well the headache is almost gone, but the back pain is still there, but don't
worry I'm good! Sis. Sartori has me resting at home to make sure it all gets
better before going back to normal work...well that basically means that I'm
going stir crazy! Yesterday we made it to Sacrament meeting and then home, so
that was the first time since Wed we saw the outside...well...two sisters inside
all day for awhile...hmm....yeah we've ha some fun...more Sis Webb, I just sit
there and laugh at her! If I can, I'll send some pictures(I have her
permission)...This week has been really rough being inside and everyone telling
me that its ok to be inside...I don't think I'll ever let go of the mindset that
its not ok to be inside, but if I have to be, I'm glad I'm with Sis. Webb...shes
makin it fun! Sis. Sartori said that Wednesday I might get a MRI if things don't
get bette just to rule things out...don't worry...I'm sure I just twisted
something quick...Tuesday night for example I almost fell like five times in a
course of two minutes...yeah I knw, SURPRISE...I'm not graceful on ice! But yeah
with being inside I don't have too many things to takl about....before going
inside though we had a meeting at one of our new members place....he speaks
English and on of the guys who works at the school lodge place? he was watching
us talk to our new member, and he kept laughing...after he came up and asked if
we(sis webb and I) were both Americans...I said yes and he said, "Really? She(S.
Webb) is so calm when she talks and well you, I knew you were an American. You
were loud and emotional when you talk." He just laughed and walked away...Loud
and emotional?! He's a nice guy and meant it as a fun joke, but really? I'm not
loud and emotional!!! Anyways...I just thought you would like to know that...I
don't reember if I was loud and emotional before I left, but apparently I have
those qualities now... ;) Oh and thank you forthe got here in
record time! Pres dropped it off to us on Friday and you sent it on the 11th!
That's crazy how fast but thank you! Sis. Webb said thank you too! :) Ok, well I
better go...I love you all so much! Take care this week!
Sister Wilson

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi to all!!!

So last week was crazy, but good! The sisters were with us for most of
the week and then we got to go to the temple! It was so good, and such a good
experience! If there is one way to get ready to start your last cycle, and end
your mission, it's starting with the temple! I feel like I'm a brand new
missionary and am able to do whatever the Lord needs...which...well...haven't
been feeling brand new lately, so it's good feeling! :) There was no snow in
Kiev which was wierd, but ok...not too cold! Yesterday at church we had 6
investigators there! One of our new members invited some friends and they all
came, and all want to meet with us and learn more about the church! It was so
great! Just shows that being a good example(new member) really affects those
around you! WOW! The work is good in our area...moving forward! Sis Webb and I
are doing great! She really is fun to serve with! Transfer calls are being made
this weekend so of couse like usual everyone is talking about it! We'll see what
happens! That's all you can do, until you get the call or not! I wish tranfers
were a surprise and not set...I know it can't be, but I think it would be
easier to focus...but thats just me! :) Not a lot happened this week....with
the sisters in town we saw all the sisters in the mission except Sis. Pitchforth
and her trainee...that was sad, me and Sis. Webb had a pratical joke all lined
up for her, but maybe next time! Well I better get going! Sorry this is short,
but not a lot happened! I love you all so much! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello again:)

Hi Everyone,
So...I can't tell you how happy I am that the holidays here
are finally feels like things can get back to normal! Wow I don't know
where to start! Well New Years was good...we were inside most of the time, for
two days but we did successfully make a chicken pot pie...homemade not from a
store...I'd love to brag about this, but it took us three hours and well...we
had to cook it two separate times...I don't want to relive that expeirence while
expalining, all we need to remember is that if was good to eat! :) I don't
remember what it was like to bake/cook something and have it turn out ok...but
oh well! Fun cooking stories! So...the new area is great. The branch president
here is just so amazing! I'm so happy to be serving in this branch! And SIs.
Webb and I are having a lot of fun together! We have a Visa trip this week and
we get to go to the temple again so I'm really excited about that! It's on
Friday and wow, this week is again crazy...Yesterday we were studying together
in the morning and our doorbell rings like 3 times(we can't open it if we don't
know who it is) and then we get a phone call from one of our leaders..."You have
the sisters from Saratov at your door, could you let them in?" Yeah, long story
short, we will have a total of 8 sisters coming and going throughout the
week...foudn out yesterday! Fun surprise! They all will be gone by Thursday
afternoon and early Friday morning we have our Visa trip...we're looking forward
to that so much!!!! Our investigators are doing good...some didn't come to
church over the holidays so we have to move their baptisimal dates back, but
their desire is still there so its looking good! Well I better get going...I
don't have a lot of time left! I hope you are all doing great! I love you so
much and thank you for all your support! It really means the world to me!
Take care!

Sister Wilson

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years in Russia!!!

Dear Parents,

Sister Wilson and Sister Webb called me this morning and
asked me if I would email you and let you know that they cannot email home today
because the internet cafes in their area are all closed due to the HUGE Russian
holiday (1 Jan-10 Jan). Please know that Sister Wilson thinks that by next week
they will be able to email.

Just want you to know that they are doing well and are excited to be companions together. Parents, may we just say how very much we love your daughters and how privileged we feel to be serving our mission with them. They are kind, loving and generous sisters. We love their
beautiful spirits within as well as their beauty without. Thank you for raising
such wonderful young ladies. We just can't tell you how we appreciate them and
their smiles and hugs. Thank you for letting us be here for them, it is such a
humbling honor.Love,

Laughter and Sunshine,
Sister Sartori
Russia Samara Mission