Russia Samara Mission

Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi again!!!:)

Hey Everyone,
So I don't have a lot of time so this might be short, it depends on how fast I can type. Well fun story (Mom it is a funny story, cause I'm fine :)). Yesterday at church I got a killer headache, probably one of the worst I've ever had, and it came on in like 30 seconds. My eyes were all fuzzy and it hurt to do anything. Well we were at church so I had no iBprofen with me, and one of the woman in the branch gave me something to take(which I would normally never do, cause I know I have a very low tolerance for anything :)) But I wasn't exactly thinking straight, so I took it and about 20 minutes later...well you'd have to ask my companion about the rest of the day! She said I got really tired in the meeting and said we needed to leave, so we left, and I guess the whole way home, I got really entertaining. Including but not limited to...walking upto a Russian man and saying ENGLISH, commenting on how people looked, walked, talked, umm....lets see, I wanted to go down a slide, I thought the snow looked like clouds and wanted to sleep on them, commented on grafitti, told the Elders I loved them, I think that was the high points. I crashed when we got home, after Sis. Tedrow asked the lady what she gave me. The woman said for me to drink tons of water and sleep, so apparently that's what I did. Good news...I woke up a few hours later, completely free of a headache and of my memory of the afternoon! So what did I learn from this lesson? Don't do drugs! :) No actually I learned I broke a mission rule I didn't even knnow about...don't take any kind of Russian pill...but we get separated for the last hour of church(Primary/RS) and now we know why companions are always suppose to be together ;) So no harm done, I did find out this morning, when the woman called to check on me that a gas line broke in my area and a lot of people got really bad, severe headaches, so she thinks that is what caused it...oh was one for the journal! I feel great today! No side affects, except there are some elders I'm staying clear of for awhile, and my ego might be bruised a little! :) So onto other fun things! We had Zone Conference and Pres. Sartori came! I met with him and he talked with me a lot about trainging then said I might have to train this next of Feb. 14th! He doesn't know yet but he said it's a good possibilty! We talked a lot about preparing for that, so I have been doing so much language study this week, it's crazy! Oh and I had to sew for the first time on my mission this week....I'm glad Devin showed me how before he left ;) Sorry Mom I had to! :) That is so cool about Alex baptizing Isaac! I wish I could've seeen that! That had to be so special for both of them! I'm so excited for him! Well not much else to write about for now! Thank you all so much for everything you do! I love you all and I'll write again next week! Take Care!Love,
Sister Wilson

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone,
Well first off, I'll answer everyone's first question by saying the talk and lesson went good. Perfect?....HA HA HA... not even close, but it was good. It helped me with the language, and with getting to know members better (especially the RS lesson). And something I don't think I told you last week...was that I gave the talk on the existance of God, how I know He exists, and the lesson on Sacrificing...on the exact one year anniversary of me going through the temple...which was also the first time I got the prompting to go on a mission. I remember coming out of the temple and being thoroughly confused by that one! :) But one year later, I'm in Russia giving a talk and's amazing what the Lord does to accomplish His work! Anyways...they both went good, I was nervous (it didn't help that one of the Elders said they were bringing their camera) but once I got up there I just talked as much as I could. I'm so glad I did it. I'm glad its over...but I'm really glad I did it! RS is different here...the teacher conducts the whole meeting not the presidency, so Sis. Tedrow did the indroducing part and she started talking about me, but I wasn't sure what all she said...and then I hear her say "She was a Relief Society President." I don't exactly tell anyone that, so I didn't know why she was talking about it, but afterwards she said that she knew I wouldn't talk about myself, and she wanted the women to know that even though I couldn't speak well, that I have a strong background in the church. She said she told them, that she knows what I'm going to say, and that they all need to listen cause its true, and that I know what I'm talking about. She said that she knew if they knew a background of me, they would listen with different ears...she was right...they did. One of the woman bowed in front of me...a little wierd but she was just being funny. But it's crazy how they did listen differently then they did before. It just made me remember that Russia is so much in the pioneeer stage of the church. Some things that are normal in America, are just not here. But the lesson went good! I'm really glad I did that! :) It was another slow week work wise...We decided to drop one of our investigators....that's not exactly fun, but the same day we did, we found another one. We haven't met with her again, she works every day 9-7pm. So it's hard...we have to meet with her in her store. It's a bakery store! So yeah...I'm going to get fat! ;) But yeah, work is slow...people are still just on a standstill for baptisms, in our area...there are baptisms happening, which is great to see!! I didn't get a chance to mail out the letters last week, but I am going there today, hopefully! I'll also try to send pictures again today on the computer, but I don't think it's going to let me. I'm sending a package soon, and I'll just send the disk of pictures home. Just don't judge me on some of them...they need explanations! :) Well not a lot happened this week...fireworks are still going off, dogs are still barking a lot, so sleep is precious when we get it! BUt other than that...its just the same! I do really like the Bacon flavored chips...a little too much I think, but oh well! I love you all so much! And thank you for everything you do! I love being able to write to you, but I love hearing from you! It makes my week to hear from home! Take care and I'll write again next week!
Sister Wilson

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hi there!!!

Mom and Dad,
Hey how is everything going? So if I am a little scattered sorry! I just got off the phone with Sister Sartori and she told me to start preparing myself, cause President will need me to start being a trainer not this next transfer but the one after (so like May). Yeah....I've never really been this nervous...going to college, nope! Relief Society President...close! Going to Russia...sort of....teaching someone else Russian after only being in Russia for 5 months! HA HA HA! Unlikely! Ok, I'll stop being a brat...I'm just really nervous! But I know that if the Lord needs me to do something, He'll provide a way to get it done...right? :) Thank you so much for your package! It was amazing! The sweaters are beautiful! The red one scared me at first, cause I usually look fat in red, but it was good! I think I might come off really vain in these emails so if anyone else is reading this, I'm not as vain as I sound! ;) And the jewelry...I loved it! Thank you so much for the cd's! MoTab can only go for so long, before I start using it as a frisbee! How is your cold Mom? Better? So to answer some questions from last church debit card is used for travel, food, and personal hygiene stuff. And the cabinets here Dad...well...the modules you don't like in America...they would be very grateful to have half the quality here. Homes aren't that well taken care of, not because of no desire, but cause of lack of time and money. I would love the sugar free candies you asked about! Russia I don't think understands the words sugar free, fat free, anything like that so thank you! :) So yesterday it got cold enough again to make my nosehairs not a very lady like converstaion right now...sorry mom :) But I never exactly wanted to know what the feeling of the inside of my noze freezing feels like, but now I know! Lucky me! Ok so you know how i volunteered to teach RS at the end of the month...yeah I also asked to speak in things changed and I'm now speaking in Sacrament this week and RS...oh yeah....doing that this week too! IN RUSSIAN! I really think they just want to laugh a lot at one time, but oh well! ;) I'll get it done...might not be the most graceul and lovely language but it'll hopefully be understnadble with my 2nd grade vocab! :) We're singing again at the bapstism this week...Apparently they like when Americans sing...We don't eat at people's houses often cause we don't know how they prepare th food...there is a lot we can't eat here....mainly any fish products so it's better to just not eat at houses but sometimes you can't get away from it! People really like looking at my picutres and a lot of people think Kaylee is my daughter...corrected them fast on that one...except on the elders asked me if she was mine, thinking he was being funny, and I said so seriously, yeah she is....his face went so red. I cleared that up too, don't worry! I have to entertain myself somehow! :) Well work is still slow...the holidays are finally ending and we're going to try and contact all the people we found in our area book the next few weeks! Sis. Tedrow leaves to go home Feb. 7th so we're going to try and work really really hard before she leaves! :) We fasted this last week about the work picking up and there have been so many miracles thru the mission! It's crazy! When the Lord wants something done, it gets done! I love it! I know Alex is going into the MTC this month, and I can't write him a letter that would get to him before he leaves so can you tell him for me how proud I am of him! He is so amazing! I will always be grateful for the example he was to me before I left! I can't even begin to imagine the amount of people he will bless on his mission! Tell him I know he's going to be doubt in my mind about that! I tried to send pics today but the computer has some new firewall so I might have to send them snail mail. Some are already on the way! Well I better get going! Il ove you all so much and thank you for all your prayers and support! You are such a strength to me when times are have no idea! Take care and I'll write again next week!
Love Sister Wilson

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Letter from Mission Pres.

Brother and Sister Wilson,

I just got a call from Sister Tedrow and Sister Wilson. All the internet cafes are closed in their area and they WILL NOT be able to email home this week. They wanted me to inform you of this so you would not worry.
We talked about it possibly due to the Russian New Year Holiday which is celebrated Jan 1-10. Sis. Wilson said, "Please tell them next week MAY be the same. I am doing great. Give them my love."
Parents, these two sisters are great missionaries. Thank you.

President and Sister Sartori
Russia Samara Mission

(We recieve this email from Brittanys Mission Pres. on Monday 1/3/11)
Followed by this email by Sis. Wilson we recieved on Tuesday Jan 4th

Hi Mom and Dad!!
So I don't have long! We were able to email for a little bit today! I don't know if I'll be able to next week. They take their holidays serious around here! So first off Happy New Years! 2011 can you believe that? I'm sorry I probably won't be able to get to all of your questions from last week but I'll write you all! I got the Christmas card from Bryce and lacy! Thank you so much! They are so cute! i can't believe how fast they are growing up! I hope you all had a good new years! I went to bed at 10:30pm and was awake most of the night with fireworks going off outside. Fun stuff! We had to be in our apartments by 3:30pm on the 31st and the 1st! Wehad areally good dinner! I'll send pictures next week! Dad, your letter last week was just what I needed! I sent one to you explaing why but thatnk you so mcuh! you have no idea how much easioer it made my week! And yes, Bryce, Dad did brag a lot in the phone call about all the food you all get to eat....yeah I'm pretty sure Applebees Steak and potatoes were brought up and here I am eating meat jello! ;) It was a really slow week. Everyone is doing stuff for the holidays so we had only 5 lessons the whoel week! I do get to see E. Morris every Friday which is good! He's like my little brother from the MTC! It's fun to see how he;'s doing! We're trying hard to combine missionary and ward efforts and some members are on board and some aren't. It's tough someitmes, but the Lord will provide a way for His work to get done! Language is coming...still very slowly. But I'm working on patience, so I won't complain about it! ;) I hate to cut this short but I have to go! I love you all so much! I'm so happy I got to email you! You are such supports to me that I was really bummed when I couldn't hear from you! BUt I get to today so I'm excited to get home and read your emails! I love you more than I can say! Take care and I hope to semail next week! MERRY CHRISTMAS...oh that's just in Russia! ;)Love, Sister Wilson