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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello Fall!!!!:)

So yeah, its raining and pouring right now and I have needed a jacket for the last few days...needed...did I use one? No. Cause I didn't know I needed one til I got outside...yep I really do need someone still walking around with me telling me a need to put ona jacket...but yeah fall will be fun! Especially with Sis. Pitchforth...she has this habit of if she sees a leaf that looks like it'll make a crunch sound...she's going to go out of her way to crunch it...there have been times were all of a sudden she isn't right next to me...she's behind me cause I missed one! :) She's so great! I have so much fun serving with her it's ridiculous! But totally feels like fall...we are going home to wrap up in blankets with hot chocolate while reading our emails...I told S. Pitchforth today, the only thing I need right now is the pumpkin candies that come out at this time! :) Yes that was a hint and not at the same time, since I am perfectly capable of eating junk in Russia I'm not sure I should be asking for more junk food to come my way, but then again...what is fall without me downing a few bags of pumpkin candy? :) SO wow! I just realized what a bad misionary I am...I have been talking about candy for the last few sentenes and I haven't even told you...our investigator got baptized yesterday!!! yeh! Itwas great! She was super ready and everything went perfect...well that's not true, but it's over now! Let's just say the night before her baptism, me and Sis. Pitchforth came into find the font full of remodeling material and what did we do...good sister missionaries we offered to we spent some time taking buckets fill of water and yuck outside (we weren't wasteful...we had an older lady telling us where to put the water so the plants can get watered :)) so that the baptism could go was an experience and the baptism went on! SO GREAT! Yep and we set a baptisimal date with a young girl this week...she is so amazing! We're trying to help her quit far so good! She is set for the 10th of September! So excited! Well we decided that Elders have it easy going on exchanges...Elders don't cry...they don't have drama...they say there peace and it's done...well...Sisters are not like that! :) All the sisters here are so great, but everytime we report after, the assistants just stare at us and are like.."We don't have top deal with those things." Yeah we know! :) we went to Saratov last week...SIs was so good to see and talk to her. She's a great missionary! well I have to get going! I love you all so much! Take care this week!
Sister Wilson

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