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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy Week!!!

WOW...what a week...I am so tired but so unbelievably happy! One of our investigators got baptized last night! :) AHHH!!! It's so great to watch people make that step towards Christ! Watching your investigator step into the waters of baptism...there just isn't anything better! And she is so amazing! She reads and loves everything! She knew that emma helped Joseph Smith translate the BOM for a little bit...and then on the way to her baptism, we were handing our invitiations and she totally took some and handed them out too...told people to come to her baptism, that the church is true, and on the way home, we found two new investigators cause she bore testimony! :) Just amazing! And another investigator is set to get baptized this sunday too! wow! two weeks...two baptisms...and another set! The work is really booming in the area! And this week was the first time we did Sister was with the sisters in another area of Samara, so we just worked in each others areas for two days but it was exhausting. But it was good...we liked being able to help in any way we could and we still were able to get our work done...the assistants told us this morning that we are leaving on a train tonight for Penza (Пенза-that;s for you Dad in case you want to look it up :))to do our next's a 6 hour train ride so it's an overnight train ride...should be a fun experience! :) We miss District meeting and Sports Night though...but oh well...the thing we're a little worried about is our investigator set to be baptized this week isn't 100% he still doubts sometimes...and we are scared to just be gone for two days, but we know that Lord will provide if we do as He asks, so to Penza we go! The best part about going on the exchange this week! Hot water! We have been out for 2 weeks...I feel gross and disgusting! Oh goes on! :) Well I think that is all for this week! I'm sure there is more, but I am talking on the recorder you sent me, every morning so you'll have more info soon! I love you all so much! Thank you for all your love and support! I'll write again soon! :)
Sister Wilson

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