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Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Monday, June 27, 2011


Where's Summer? That's all I have to say! It's been rainy and windy all week...and I forgot my umbrella half the time, so I looked like a drowned rat some days...yeah...anyways...I just really want the sun already! And to stay for longer than a day! Oh and Brandi I think you'll like this...I will never make fun of your dirty ankles again! I have a tan(stop's happening) but I have a really good tan on the tops of my feet, and that's it! Sis. Quinn stopped while we were contacting yesterday and was like, "Wow, your feet are really tan and your legs are still white." Yeah...I have really tan feet! Don't understand that one but it makes for fun times! Anyways...So we had a lesson this week where our investigator told us she believes Christ was an alien....yep...didn't quite now how to respond to that...but it made again, for interesting times. We have a lot of new investigators but none are progressing right now. The one we've been working with didn't come to our meeting and isn't answering his we don't know what happened there...I'll keep you updated! Allergies are in full swing...yeah I sneeze all the time on the street and well Russians...they have a thing about germs and they stare at me funny when I one has said no though cause of it so I figure its fine... :) I hope! We are know having a combined sports night with the whole district(like a stake) so all the missionaries are there(well...8 of us). It was fun...we play ultimate frisbee usually which well you all remember how great I was at that game! It's a good way to keep me humble :) I can't believe that July is this week already! We want to try and get the missionaries together next monday for like a 4th of July picnic or something...don't know if we are allowed too...we might want to leave the American Flag at home, but other than that it might not be a problem! I bet Brandi is all ready for the 4th! Time goes by way to fast! Well I don't really know what else to talk about...not a lot happened last week! Oh what am I talking about...we placed 11 Books of Mormon in one day and past our goal for June...we wanted to give far we've given 43, and have a few days left! It was a good day! Well I will write more later! I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

E. Eyers (AP) Pres. Sarton, E. hollingshead (AP)

Me and Sis. Lednova

On the bus after our VISA trip!

The Elders moved out of this apartment and Sis. Lednova and Brittany moved in
They left a note saying.....Sisters We welcome you:-)

Hey there!!

Hello! was a good, but long and busy week! Tuesday we got to go to the village, and it was so pretty an felt like home! I'll send pictures soon! I loved it there! That took most of Tuesday, then Wednesday we went to a museum for Culture, like so unbelieveably funny pictures...I'm send those too! And Thursday we plan for like 3 hours each week and Friday was SAMARA, zone conference! Saturday, Sports Night, and Sunday...well Sunday, church, meetings, I gave another talk in Sacrament...busy busy week! And we found 7 new investigators, 5 yesterday! It was so great! So, yeah, Zone Conference was great! Really inspiring, always is! Had an interview with President! I love him so much! he's amazing! I'm so glad he will be my president the whole time!...And I foudn out my release date...Sis. Sartori said it might still move, but probably 5th! I get my full 18 months! I'm excited! Well...what else happened this week...we still have our one progressing investigator! he';s doing great! And we have about 14 new ones to work with, so we're more busy then I've ever been before! Pres said that he knows it's possible for us to find one new investigator a day, and since he's said it, me and Sis. Quinn have been working really hard, and have done it! It's so great! She's such a blessing!@ I can't even explain it! She's amazing! Honestly, I would serve with her the rest of my missin if I could! No funny stories this week...I heard a lot at conference, but they weren't mine, so it's probably not as funny to you! :) I love my mission! The Elders are all so great! So many of them are going home soon, that it stinks! But I'm grateful I was able to serve with them! Well I better go! i love you all and thank you for all you do! Take Care this week! Love,
Sister Wilson

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pictures to:)

Hi, how are you all doing?! :) This might be a quick one cause we tried a new internet place and we can't print out emails so I had to read yours first so it didn't leave me with much time! But answer your questions before I forget...yes I have been getting Grandma's emails so she's sending them right! :) And well shoot...I already forgot the other questions...sorry! Well I did the RS training on Saturday and it went good....not a good turnout but we had representatives from each presidency so that was good! I did the first 2 hours of the training and then we had was good! im glad I got to do helped my language and I got to work in RS again for just a little bit! So it was a good experience! It was in New City which is about 30 minutes from my area. It kinda took up our whole Saturday and by the end of the day I was wiped out! But now is another week and we have Zone Conference on Friday in Samara so that will be good! And we get to go to the village(it's where the really nice homes are) tomorrow to meet with some members! I'm looking forward to it, except it really is a hassle to get out there! it's my first time in 7 months cause it is a lot of work! But we really want to meet with some of the families so it'll be good! To be honest, this was a tiring week! And I'm trying to think of what we did and I'm drawing blanks...we did meet with some investigators, one is progresssing...the one we speak with in English and this morning during study, our Zl's called with a contact...there is a guy who lives in our area that has a Book of Mormon and read some and wants to learn about it! about miracle! he said two guys gave him the book about two years ago and he just found it this week! So we're meeting with him on Thursday! I'm excited! not often do people call wanting to meet with us! The branch is still doing good...I gave a spiritual thought in Priesthood yesterday while Sis. Quinn did Relief Society.(I had a woman with me, don't worry!) The Elders are out of the branch for a few weeks, so it's just the Sisters and we have Invitation Sunday in July and Pres wants us to do weekly spiriutal thoughts about it in the third hour so I took Priesthood this was fun! Just like when I would go into Priesthood in America! Awkward, but fun! They told me I could come anytime :) But the Elders come back on the 21st so just one more week! Well...I'm going to go...sorry this is so boring, but I really can't think of anything else to write! i hope you're all doing great, and I'll write next week! I love you all! Thanks you for everything!
Sister Wilson

Monday, June 6, 2011


It feels like home's been raining for three days, thunder the last two, and it looks like from what members have told us, it'll rain the rest of the I'm back to wearing a coat, and boots! Anyways...enough with the weather update! First off...OMAHA!!!??!!! That is awesome! Tell Nate that I'm sending out his congrats letter this week! :) I'm so excited for him, I was thinking about it all week! On Thursday night, I was like, "Oh my gosh, Nate is getting his call today!" And I talked about it with Sis. Quinn the whole way to internet, so I was very excited and I'm even more excited! He goes into the MTC one day before I did! So when I'm celebrating my year mark in Russia, he'll be starting! :) We'll both be celebrating! That's awesome! Tell him I love him and am so excited! So...this week I have the RS training...should be fun! A little's two hours of talking in Russian!!! Which I do everyday but not like this! But I'm determined not to worry myself about it and jsut take it as it comes! We'll see how that goes! This week I was called Satan twice! That's a record for me! It sounds bad, but just picture two young American girls knocking on doors and a older lady with no teeth opens it, sees the tag and yells: "SATAN GO AWAY!" Yeah, Sis Quinn's eyes got big and asked did she just call us Satan? Then once on the street again,an older lady..."You are one of Satan's angels! LEAVE!" would be a let down and kinda discouraging if I wasn't laughing so hard when they said it! Fun times! I just think...if she thinks that I'm Satan...she's in for a shock :)Fun times proselyting! Anyways...what else...we have anew investigator that wants us to teach him in English so yesterday was the first time I taught an English lesson in 9 months! was hard and weird...I think when I get home, they should keep me far from any teaching callings...I can't speak English correctly!!!! What happened?! Oh well...It was good...he wants to meet again this week and he said he'll read and pray about the BOM! Our investigator I talked about a couple weeks ago is out of town and will be for awhile with a family problem, so I'm hoping everything is ok! We have a few other people we work with but none are progressing! We keep working though! Yeah we know that the work in Russia is's hard everywhere! We know people told us before our missions and in the MTC, " won't baptize many" or "Russia...the gospel is slow there." But things that those people don't know...yeah we don't baptize like other countries, and yeah the gospel is young in Russia, but the fact that yesterday, an apostle of the Lord came to Russia...Moscow and organized the first Russian stake...proves that the gospel is growing! That gives us so much hope here as missionaries...this year they are celebrating 20 years of the gospel in Russia and in twenty years, they got a stake! What's next? More stakes!!! And all the members know what comes when more stakes are formed.....TEMPLE!!! And the Russian members love and respect the temple! It's great! They know what they are working for! They want the blessings of the temple in their own country! They want it for their own people! I know I just kinda went on a rant, but I just love remembering that it's not our opinoins that matter...the Lord knows one day there will be a temple in Russia...He knows! It's great to think about! Well next week the 17th we have Zome Conference in Samara, so that'll be fun! 1-2 days in Samara! I love Samara! WEll I think this is long enough! I will let you all go! Take Care! I love you all! And thank you for all your support! It means the world to me!
Sister Wilson