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Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Monday, December 26, 2011


Merry Christmas...sorry I didn't get an emailout last week to everyone...I hope you all had a great was so good talking to you all! Crazy that it was the last time as Dad reminded me with his Germany comment(that was a good one Dad ;))...but doesn't really feel like Christmas here but oh well...New Years is this week and it's their favorite holiday so if its like last year I'll get to listen to fireworkds all night long...on Sat and Sun we have to be in by 3pm so it'll be fun finding things to do inside...which brings me to the next thing...I got transferred again...President called this morning...tomorrow night I will be in a different part of Samara (Avrora) serving with Sis. Webb...I'm really excited about that...she is so sweet and so funny! Sis. Lednyova will be in a threesome in Penza with Sis. Quinn and that was some news for you. We have culture night this week on Thursadfy....we are going to see the Nutcracker...I'm excited I've never seen it before...we had a Christmas party at church and we wathced the First Presidency Devotional. I was sitting by an investigator and one of the little girls inthe branch...she is so adorable...well durning the prayer, I oped one of my eyes to see if someone had come in the door( I know good example) and I hear this little voice..."don't look!" I looked down at the little girl and she's floding her arms and squinting her eyes at me showing me how I should be durning the prayer(exactly like in the Best Two years)...I couldn't help but laugh a little an dhten I let her dad know that she is a good little example...he just lauhged and was like, "We learn the most from children." It's really true...Christmas was ok at church...just sacrament, again didn't feel too much like Christmas, that is until Elder Bruckhaussen came up behind everyone in the room where we have sacrament and sprayed christmas tree scent...everyoone enjoyed that! :) Well I better get going...everything is going good here...I'll tell you more next week about my new area...Ilove you all so much and thank you for everything you do for me! Happy New Years!
Sister Wilson

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Transfer Call!!

So its been an eventful week and this one will be too...Saturday we got the transfer call, not too big of a surprise there. Sis. Pitchforth is headed down to Saratov to train and Sis. Lednova will be with me in this area! I'm so excited! I loved working with her each time I did, but it was always for a short amount of time! So it'll be a lot of funactually being her companion. She goes home with me on the same day. This week, the new sister will be here tomorrow evening, and will be with us in Samara, then training at the office for her the next morning, and then that night the two of them will leave on a train, I will be with the other Samara sisters til Thur morning where we will then go to Zone conference, and I'll finally have a companion! :) It was so confusing to get all of that, but we think we have it right now. This week is Zone confer, like mission conf last year but not as big. It's still two days,but not with the whole mission, just two zones instead of three. It'll be fun to see everyone, even though there are somany new missionaries I won't know a lot of them..yeah like last year, just backwards! ;) But yeah its a busy week...I can't wait til Saturday where it'll be a normal missionary day! BUt Sis. Pitchforth did give3 me a great going away present...SHE FELL! It was last monday night and it was when she was talking to an older couple...she just plopped right down on the ice...I would love to say I'ma better person than her and that I immediately helped her up but Ican't....I was laughing so hard, and so was the couple. but the man helped herupso all is good! She was pretty mad with herself, cause she didn't want to fall in front of me...but oh well...she did! I'll miss her that's for sure, but I'm also super excited to work with Sis. LednovA! We're still working with the young girl I told you about (the former investigator) she fasted this week for an answer and she';s doing really good! Well I better get going. I love you all so much! Take care this week and I'll write again later1! :)
Sister Wilson

Friday, December 9, 2011


Hey, sorry I didn't get an email out to everyone last week...very little time! I might not have a lot of time this week either...we have a new way to email President and well...Sister Pitchforth and I are just not that smart when it comes to computers so we spent a lot of our time on week SHOULD be better! :) Ok...President wants us to make a time to call home for Christmas so it's all set by the time we actually call! Christmas morning...your Christmas morning about 8-10am ok? It'll be Christmas night here so I figure thats what we did last time! Let me know if it doesn't work! No...Sister Pitchforth has not fallen yet...close calls but nope...I'm not above tripping her but I'd feel bad if she went home with a broken leg...and she said she would make me feel bad the rest of my life, so I'm just going to let destiny take it's course! :) This week was great! The investigator I told you about in September, young girl, who didn't end up being baptized...she is meeting with us again! I love her so much and that was so hard when she decided against baptism...we agreed with each other that our companionship(work wise) hasn't been the same since then. It sounds weird but true...but we randomly called her and she said she has had so many signs in the last few weeks to meet with us one of them being every time she picks up the BOok of Mormon to read it, that day she sees us on the street. She always wanted to takl to us but didn't. So we called, she asked to meet and she came to church yesterday! She is doing so great! We are of course being careful with it but she's so ready...she just said she wants to know for sure, which is good...its our job to help her realize she has already recieved her answer! She is just so great! I'm really excited to be working with her again! Well i better get going! NOt a lot of time left...Tell Bob congratulations for me! I love you all so much and thank you for all you do for me! Take care this week and TALK to you soon!
Sister Wilson

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Sis. Wilson and her companion saying Merry Christmas to everyone!!!:-)

Brittany and her companion wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in Russian:-)

Brittanys Thanksgiving in Russia:-) Her zone in the mission!!