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Monday, May 2, 2011

One week till I can call ya:)

So I finally got the call know, one day I'll get a transfer call that involves me moving to a new area, but not this time! Sis. Braginets is going to Samara, and I American! I'm so excited, and so unbelievable nervous at the same time! To be honest, I know I've gotten better at Russian, but I've always had a companion to lean on if I got now we'll really see how well I can speak...I can see the contacting situation...the new sister starts, then gets stuck and turns to me, who turns around and realizes...oh...mmm....! Just'll be great, I'm sure! is the schedule for the next week or so. I hope it isn't confusing! If it is well I guess I could call you about it!...6 days! Wednesday morning we are going to Samara and will be with the sisters there for the day, like when Sis. Braginets had her VISA trip. Then Thursday, early early, Sis. Taylor(a sister in Samara) and I have our Visa trip. Friday after we wake up from 8 hours of sleep(when we have visa trips, no matter what time we come back, Pres wants all missionaries to get 8 hours of sleep! I love that man!) me and Sis. Lednova (yep I get to work with her again, I'm so excited!) will leave to a new area in Samara, where she will be serviing. Sis. Braginets and SIs. Taylor will be companions from then on out and me and Sis. Lednova will be together from the 6th-11th, when our trainees come in. Then on the 11th, we'll go to the office, pick up our companions and head to our areas! Yeah..a lot is happening in the next week and a half so I hope that was all understandable! Again, I don't know if I will be able to email next Monday...we were lucky today, the library was open, but next Monday is a really big holiday for them, so who knows. Elder Yates(DL right now) is also staying, which I'm so grateful for, and he will also be training a new American, so our District will be the four of us, the ZL's and thats it. The senior couple got a all the misssionaries will be American in our district...should be fun! I'm grateful I got to serve with Sis. Braginets but it is time she moves on. She's grown a lot and she even said she knows she can do this without me, so I'm excited for her! This last week, was good, slow in the work. But I talked with Sis. Sartori last week, and she asked about RS and how it was being run. I told her, and she told me to do, this this this this...yeah. Sunday I trained the RS was ok. Kinda awkward, but good. They didn't know a lot of things that should happen, and I hope it wasn't like a dump everything on them at once, but they know that I now have permission to help them so that was good! The first counsleor, she speaks Englsih, said, "I bet you didn't think that you would be serving two missions...your own, and Relief Society." At first, I didn't want to. I didn't want to take time away from the work, but as I was talking to Sis. Sartori, I realized that if I have permission to train presidencies, and I don't, and I leave an area and the RS is weaker than when I got there, I really do think that might be the biggest regret of my mission. So I'm doing what I can and I just know i need to always remember, Missionary work comes first. I don't think that will be a problem, considering I need to train someone to do the work! :) I really am excited! So what else...oh how could I have almost forgot? Bugs! Mosquitos to be more specific! They hated me in Washington...they love me here! I have so many bites it's ridiculous...and the thing that annoys me...I'm the only one! No one else in the district has a bite...I have like 12! They better stay away from my face thats all I have to say! I know that is vain, but...well...yeah I have no rebuttle to that! ;) So last week it got warmer...almost to 70 degrees so I was without my coat, just a normal shirt, shortsleeve. Yeah...if they didn't know i was American before, they do now! Apparently, it is not short sleeve shirt weather yet...whatever! I was dying it was so hot in my jacket...S. Braginets thought it was funny that everytime we would contact, if people stopped it was to ask where my coat was. It's almost 70 and people are wearing coats! That's just not right :) I got a little bit of a sunburn but not bad...another reason to not wear a coat...if it's hot enough to get a sunburn, it's hot enough to go without a coat! Ok I'm done...I think that is all for now...I will of course talk to you in 6 days! I'm so excited! Thank you for everything! I love you all so much! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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