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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey there!

Hey This will be a quick one, and I won't have time to write any individual emails. We started with the internet in our own was so slow and kept freezing so we had to come to our normal spot in the Elders area, and it took so much time up! Anyways...I still have a hour but my letter to President took longer than I thought. week, I'm not sure if I will be able to email. We think maybe we can on Tuesday but we don't know. It's a holiday (like our Labor Day) and most places will be closed, and the following monday is a big holiday (like 4th of July....Victory day) and again places will be closed. So I'm not sure ...just know that if I don't write, I will call on the 8th! :) And it will be around 9-9:30pm my time, Sunday Evening...I don't know when it is your time, I haven't figured that out. sorry! Anyways...this week was ok...I was sick...I'm better now don't worry! It was a not so fun head cold, so the work was slow, but I feel better now. So all is good! It was a lot of time sleeping. I told them I didn't need to sleep, but there are times, where I don't get a choice in the matter, I found out ! :) It was good though, I needed to sleep! I just don't ever want to become a missionary that anytime they have a headache...oh I have to sleep for a week...but Sis. Sartori told me to sleep, so I slept. And it wasn't hard...cold medicine...well I'm sure you all remember...I was done within 30 minutes! :) So no fun stories this week, sorry! Next week is my Visa trip on the 6th of May. Anyways...I have to get going! I love all of you so much and I'm sorry I didn't write a lot! I'm hoping I can next week, if not...I will talk to you on the 8th! :) I can't believe that time is already here! Take care!
Sister Wilson
PS. It's 64 outside right now, and I think this week, I will lose the coat's hot on the street! :)

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