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Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Oh my I know what it feels to be a hard working missionary...hard working as in doing the work, Sis Quinn is amazing! I love her so much! We have worked hard every single day including her first one! She isn't even unpacked yet...don't worry, we have time today! It's so great! i feel great! It's been a great week! She's adorable too and I'm learning so much from her! :) I know I'm the trainer, but I think it's a good thing when the trainer learns more than the trainee. She just came from the MTC where they are teaching the newest things so why not? :) I'm so happy to be serving with her! It's great! Here is an example...usually we would place like 5 Book of Mormons a week...since last Wednesday we have placed 25! :) AH!! It's great! We have found two new investigators and people onthe street are giving us contacts! It's not perfect but it's great! the biggest blessing I've seen is that I understand! Before I didn't understand everything and I still don't...but I have such a testimony that the Lord calls and qualifes...with Sis. Tedrow and Sis. Braginets I didn't NEED to understand...I tried but I didn't need to. Now I need to and I do. It's amazing! We've talked to so many people and I bet there were only two I didn't understand. The members all said that I speak better too. Our District President said that it's cause the Lord needs me to speak and understand so I can! The gift of tongues is so real its unbelievable! And it's so amazing to know that the Lord is 100% in control and it's all on His time! I love it! Sorry this is kinda confusing...the ZL's are here and they keep talking...which is great but distracting! Ok...they the work is going forth and we're helping RS each week! Sis. Quinn has so much faith and desire it's hard not to be excited all the time! I'll try to send a pic soon! I'm so looking forward to the next three months. Pres said that he wants me to train the whole three training months so 95% sure I'll be in Komcomolcke til the end of July...but by then we will have our next visa trip...KIEV TEMPLE! YAY! so excited! I miss the temple so much but it's such a great feeling knowing that I'll be going in less than three months! We have our ZL day again this Friday. I'm excited...I learned so much last time! And it's alot of fun! I spoke yesterday in sacrament...a lot of people were like, "Sis Wilson! When did you learn Russian!?" Back sided compliment, but I'll take it :) So it's bee a good week! We had training last week for the trainers before bringing in the new missionaries and that was really helpful! We won't have new sisters now for the next 6 months so after 3 months, I know I won't be training! It'll be completely normal...I hope! Well I think I've rambled grammar and English are getting so bad...sorry for typos or anything. I'm to the point wher I think in Russian a lot so I'm trying to think in Englsih and Russian keeps popping up. That's a good sign I'm told! :) When I get home people will think there is something wrond with me! :) Ok...I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support! Take care!
Sis. Wilson

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