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Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello again!!!

Hi, It seems weird to write to you since we just talked last night but I'm glad! That was so fun to hear from you! It's weird to go that long without hearing your voices and then be like, "Hey I remember." And again sorry if I wasn't understandable at times. Sis. Lednova was laughing so hard when I would be speaking English and Russian words would randomly come up. She would yell, "Sis. Wilson, your family doesn't understand when you're speaking Russian and English at the same time." I hear its a good sign when you start mixing languages or when you start forgetting words in your native language, so I'm half way there! :) Anyways, last night was fun thank you so much! Sorry I talked so much! I wanted to hear from you all too but I'll read your letters when I get back! :) Well today is a holiday, a big one, like the 4th of July in America, so we have to be in by 6 tonight,but President decided last night that he wants to do a film/training today for all missionaries in Samara. It keeps us off the street and keeps us from being bored. So tonight we have training for a little bit with President, then a testimony meeting, and then we get to watch the Joseph Smith movie. That should be fun! On Wednesday morning is the big day! I'm so excited! I really hope that this cycle with be normal. Everything i know and Presdident knows about Sis. Quinn points to her being a hard worker so we're both really excited! It's a weird feeling knowing that today in America is her last in the MTC. I remember that time and it was a lot of mixed emotions, and I just want to help her adjust the best I can. So anyways. I'm also looking forward to going back and being with my ZL's and DL, and the missionaries in my zone. kinda :) It's been fun here, E. Smith who wasmy ZL is a ZL in Samara right now so I've been able to work with him this last week which was good, but my ZL's called the other day and asked how my day was, and I told then that the assistants and ZL's asked us to dinner to talk and my ZL's were like, "Sister Wilson don't let them woo you to the Samara Zone. You're in our zone...don't talk to them!" THen the ZL's in Samara found out and they were like whatever, you're in our zone until you get in the van on Wednesday. tonight all ZL's will be there, so that should be fun! :) I love the Elders in our mission! They are fun and respomsible, it's great! I forgot to tell you....E. Morris from the MTC, he is a new ZL in the Saratov zone! And his companion is E. Barton(his trainier,my first DL) So cool! And I also forgot to tell you. We all went to a museum last week for culture nith. That was fun! I'll send some pictures soon if I can! THe missionaries going home were there too so it was good ot say goodbye to tehm. Sorry that my typing is so bad...this computer isn't the best so I hope it's understandable! That's cool that you had some contact in a way with E. Humes! I really did always respect him! Tel him hi for me! Well i think that's it for now! I don't have much else to say that I didn't say last night! I love you all so much! I can't wait til December...well I can in a way but you understand :) Take care and I'll write next holiday! :) Love you!
Sister Wilson

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