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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey there!!

So another week has gone by which is crazy to think about! Time really is going by way too fast in some ways! Sis. Quinn was sick last week with a cold, which wasn't life, new country, new weather, no sleep, always going after three months of the MTC, but she still worked so hard! I am way impressed and proud of her like everyday! She's amazing! We work well together and we both try our best with the language, and the majority of people are ok with it! :) Majority! But anyways, yeah, I love working with her! This is what missionary work should be like. Pres agrees with me and that I learned a lot from the last 2 companions, and it's made the missionary I am today so I'm good with that! :) So we have a new investigator that I am so excited about! We had four meetings on Wed and we were sitting at the branch building with a member and two meeting didn't show up, and we were getting a little down, but we started our next thing, helping our member with RS, and then this guy walks in and said he had a friend that is in America but is a member of this church and he saw the sign and wanted to know more. We took him on a tour and it was so great! After he said he wanted to come to church! We gave him a BOM and said we would meet with him on Sunday! Then Sunday, he came! And he stayed for all three hours, and said that he felt empty inside when he first came, but then something started building and it was a good feeling and he said he wants to keep coming! It was so great! We tried to have a meeting with him but that fault for not explaining everything. We told him we wanted to meet with him and we had a member with us, a girl cause we cant meet with men by oursleves, and we walked into a room and he said, "I'm going to go look at the building some more." We were like, what is he doing? So the Elders called us like 5 minutes later and long story short, our investigator thought we were going into the girls restroom. Yeah, don't ask how he thought that, but anyways, we went out to talk with him and he wants to come to Sports night on Wed and meet with us then. He is a really nice guy! We also did service with the branch on Sat and it really helped our relationships with them. We left after three hours and about a hour later, a member called and asked us to come back and eat dinner with the branch so we did and they were all so excited that we came back! Which hasn't ever happened, at least now like this! It was great! They are asking us gospel/leadership questions and actually following our advice! The ward is finally growing again! Hey, there is amember here who is going to be in Seattle visiting her sister in July or August! She's the 2nd Counselor in RS and the one I've been working with! Sh'es great! So if you want to meet her or takl with her, let me know, she said she can meet you at the temple...she speaks English so dn't worry! :) Well I think that is all for now! i love you all so much! Take care this week!
Love Sister Wilson

Ok side note...I'm dying in the heat and it's only like 80 degrees! Yeah add like 30 more and thats summer in Russia! :)

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