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Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi! Thank you so much for the birthday package! Oh my gosh it was amazing! Thank you thank you! Well I hate to tell you this but I wrote all these things down that I wanted to tell you about, and I left the postit at home! I know! Fun! But I'll try to remember! Well we had our culture night, it was fun! The Elders are all really great, but two of them are getting transferred Wednesday...Elder Smith(ZL) and Elder Andersen(DL)...we're not happy about it! We both really love those two!! But oh well, things happen! I am not getting transferred, you already knew by the end of this cycle I will have served in Комсомольскии for six months. The language is still coming along, slowly, but I did understand pretty much all the time, I just can't talk correctly...there are so many little grammar rules that are all "so" important! :) But I'm it's a lot of polishing! A LOT! Thank you for the pics of Washington! I love them so much! Looks like you had fun together in the pictures Brandi sent! When you get a chance, do you mind sending some in the mail? I can't print pics here so I ony get to look at them once! :( Dad, my allergies are actually starting to get bad, not unbearable, but I'm taking a Zyrtec a day...but I have a lot of them, so you don't have to send them. Thank you though! Yesterday was Daylight Savings time, and next week is Fast Sunday...we watch General Conference a week late cause it has to be translated...I'm really hoping I'm able to listen to it in English though! Translations are always so fast and hard to understand! The work is ok...very slow still...we contact and tract a lot...little success with that. We give out a lot of Books of Mormon but so far no callbacks! We still have the same two investigators...but they aren't progressing so we don't know how much longer we'll be teaching them. Makes for long days, but I know as long as we;re doing out part, success will come on the Lord's time. We went tracting the other night and when I knocked on the door, a kid about 18-19 answered and I told him who we were, and all that fun stuff(in RUssian of course) and he smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I don't speak Englsih." Sister Braginets then said in a perfect Russian accent, "What about Russian?" His eyes got all big and just shut the door. It's amazing how people know I'm American after one word and then some people after talkng for 15 minutes are like, "Do you know you have an accent?" I don't's fun thoug....the majority of people, when I tell them I'm American, thinks it's the best thing in the world, and then there are the ones that don't. But that's when we walk away! :) Well I need to get going! I hope you are all doing great and I love you so much! Take Care! Love Sister Wilson

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