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Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving Day!!!

Ok, so chances are this will be the only email I send out today because....its moving day! I have like no time, after writing President. I'm sorry! So...yeah, we spent 5 hours cleaning/packing this morning...not fun! I would very much like to talk to the missionaries who have lived their the last 3 years and decided it was going to be their dumping grounds! Disgusting! Anyways...Elder Smith and Zuber (ZL's) will be waiting with a Taxi in about 20 minutes to take us back and start moving everything over. It's been such a mess! So many things have to be done and so many things weren't done awhile ago, so it's been interesting! Well, even with moving, it's been a busy week. We did a lot of contacting again! We have a new investigator! She's an older woman, who thinks her daughter should listen to us also! So maybe we'll get a referral from her! She's really sweet! We're meeting with her again tomorrow! We contacted her on the street and she asked us if we had time right now to come over and talk about the gospel...yeah...we had time!!!! And we also did some tracting...ok, so funniest story ever! At least so was my door, and when I knocked I heard a man say in a really girly voice, "I'm coming, I'm coming!" He swung open the door, was a bigger guy, middle aged, and was very happy! And was only wearing a speedo...we think he was waiting for a girl! He looked at me and screamed like a little girl, just quieter and tried to hide behind the door, and popped his head out. "What can I do for you?" I was laughing so hard...I couldn't even get out..."We're missionaries from..." He was like, "Missionaries? Oh not right now girls, I'm sorry." And shut the door. In htat momoent, I was a bad missionary cause I was almost on the ground laughing so hard! So was Sister Braginets though! We had to take some time to get ready for the next door. Oh and he wasn't drunk...thats what everyone asked after we would tell the story. When funny or amazing things happen our district calls each I called E. Zuber and I was barely breathing, I was laughing so hard...He went on to say, they just had a meeting with a guy who believes in Aliens..a.gain not drunk! :) Fun times! Oh and we have a family we are teacing...well the daughetr is intersted in the gosple...the brother...not so much...just interested in getting to America and thinks I'm the way there. He kissed my hand and kept telling me I was beautiful...yeah we left...and I'm not going back without a man! Member of the church! :) Awkward! I pulled out family photes so fast with a bunch of picures of the ward...every guy he asked was ridiculous! So another story...we had just got done with our morning study time and my personal study was so good that day! I was just so ready to go...we walk out of our apartemnt complex and there is loud dreary music, a bunch of people, an old woman crying loudly and a buncho f cars...I was like oh thats wierd...then a big black cross was being carried right in fornt of me...I was standing on the steps trying to figure out where to go, and I turned away from the cross only to find myself staring at a dead body. Yeah.....they have funerals in the street! And the coffin is open the whole time as they carry it to the cemetary! He was dead! And like 5 feet from my face! This probably sounds disrespectful but I don't mean for it too...its just a culture shock. Funerals are where there is a casket, and a car that holds the casket and the family follows with their cars...and then go back for a nice dinner...ok so yeah, spoiled American is what a lot of people are probaly thinking.....yeah that is so not what happens here...lets just say, the Lord knew i needed a good spiritual high is the morning cause that was the only thing that kept me from freaking out...I just stood there with my mouth open and Sis. Braginets is like, "Sis Wilson stop staring, we need to go." Fun times in Russia! :) Well, Saturday was our Zone Leader day. We had lunch with the Zone Leaders and Elder Andersen and Yates. After lunch we had interwiews. E. Smtih and Anderson(DL) interviewed me...I thought it would be wierd, but it was so helpful. It was good to talk with the elders. They are so fun! I need to get going! I hope you are all going great! Sorry for typos...I've never typed this fast before! I love you all so much and thank you for all your prayers and support...right now they are so needed! :) Take care!
Sister Wilson

PS. Last funny one contacting session...about 3 hours lady told me I looked like I was 17. Another one told me I had a nice body...yep a lady, and another one said we look like times contacting!

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