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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey There!!

Hi! Ok, so I thought Spring was here to stay...yeah, the snow was almost all gone, except the stuff piled up on the sides, and the sun was out, I was in my spring coat, not the fat winter one...then, Sunday morning....about 4 inches of snow....what in the world?! Then Sunday afternoon, it was all gone, and a lot of water was there! Crazy! Today it's 45 degrees and is so nice outside! It feels like summer...kinda! week was good! My birthday was a normal day...Sis. Braginets gave me a card that she wrote in English...she's doing good with it! :) It was so sweet! And E. Yates made me cookies, and four of the Elders in the Zone called on a conference call and sang to me, and today...I have permission to go to McDonalds!!! yay! We don't do that often so I'm so excited! Oh, I forgot a couple of weeks ago, Mom, when you bragged (j/k) about having a Wii...yes it's true, I don't have a Wii...but I do have a mini PINK DVD player....yes I'm serious! All trainers have one to help with a new training program! So that's me bragging for just a second...a Wii is better, but I have a PINK one! :) Anyways thank you so much for the dictionary! I can understand certain things in the scriptures better when I actually know what the word means! :) I love it! It was a slow week. Sis. Braginets had a pretty bad cold...she still has the cough but the bad part is gone. We were inside for a little bit of the week and Sis. Sartori said we had to cancel some appts (recommended) cause there were going to be kids not a lot of appts and not a lot of new things going on, but it was a good week. We went tracting yesterday and it was the first time I was told if I didn't leave, they were going to call the police! wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. We just went to the next floor! :) Oh, early in the week we were tracting and I was so shocked. I told the lady that we had a message about Jesus Christ. And she put up her hand to stop me from talking and she said, "I don't need Christ." And slammed the door. I was like, "WHAT?!" You don't need Christ?! I wanted to knock on the door again so bad, but Sis. Braginets wouldn't let me... :) It just really hit me this week, that there are so many people in the world that either don't know who Christ is or don't understand why He's so important! It really gave me extra energy to work! I want everyone I talk to, to know how important He is to everyone! Well I have to get going! I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much and thank youfor everything you do! Take Care! Love Sister Wilson

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