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Monday, March 14, 2011

6 months down!!

Hi!!So I realizd last week, was my 6 month mark on my mission! Crazy huh! Time goes by so fast! Anyways, thought that was cool! So...the big wasn't that bad actually! The Elders (Smith and Zuber) made it a lot of fun! So the one bad thing...I fell...and not like, oops I it was hard! In Russia you aren't suppose to wear your shoes inside, well I did, and I ran into the bedroom to grab a sweater for my comp and I slipped(cause my shoes were wet from being outside) and well...Brandi, you know when people fall hard in America's Funniest Videos, and you laugh...well it was worse than that...I completely landed on my back and wrists...and it was so loud that E. Smith who was outside the apartment, down the hall, and in the elevator, heard it and came back to see if everything was ok. Besides maybe my pride, everything was fine. I have a very large bruise, but other than that I'm good to go. Which I wanted to tell you Mom, means that when I was told in my blessing, that I would be protected..well it's true...I'm not kidding, everyone thought I would've broke my wrist or back it was hard, but I'm totally fine! So no long as I don't do anything completely stupid, I'm good! ;) So the new apartment is good...3 rooms, so a lot of place to put things! But we got a rule enforced this are to be with your comp at all times...even in the home, except for of course shower and the bathroom. So it's been fun. When I need to leave the living room to grab my scriptures in our study room, I need to ask Sis. Braginets to come with me, and vice versa! Fun stuff! :) Oh and last week, Sis. Braginets had a visa trip so I was able to work with Sis. Lednova again for the day! It was last Wednesday! I really hope we get to serve together at some point! We have so much fun and we get the work done! I love her! It was then, when we worked together, that I realized how far I've come in the language. I'm no where near perfect, but Sis. Lednova is Russian, and I was able to talk the entire day in Russian with her, and I didn't even realize it. Grammar wasn't correct, but she understood I need the grammar down! Well we have Zone Conference this week. President Sartori will be there and we have interiews with him. I always look forward to those! I really love both President and Sister Sartori! They're amazing! We did a lot a lot of contacting this week and made some contacts with people. We have lessons with them this week hopefully! Yesterday however, we talked with this older lady, and I have to be completely honest, I was ticked! When we found out she wasn't interested we tried to leave, but she kept yelling at us about how we're a sect, and blah bla blah...over and over again. She said she knew I was American and that my comp wasn't Russian, and that we shouldn't come into her country and try to force our sect on people. She was being very specific about things and very well almost scary. We get a lot of people who think we're a sect and just walk off. Oh well. The weather is doing so much better! Last week, with the exception of maybe one day, it was really nice. I am now wearing my black wool coat during the day and the big Russian one at night! A lot of water during th eday cause everything is melting, and then really slippery at night! Fun times! Ok, so the food here is amazing!@ I'm scared I'm going to get really used to it and come home and not want Taco Bell!....not possible, I know! Well I need to get going! A lette ris on the way about the work here. I'm sorry I wsih I would talk more about it in the email! And please tell Bro. Bingham I will write him about the Stake thing he emailed me about. But I can't email him. I love you all so mcuh and hope you all have a great week! Take care! You're always in my prayers!
Sister Wilson


  1. Six months already? My mission went by so slow that when i got back, it seemed like 4 years had passed (time doesn't move in texas). Oh, and if you don't like your comp, just tell the mission president that those bruises are from her...haha, just kidding.

  2. Good one Troy, I'll be sure to pass that along to Brittany:-) lol