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Monday, March 21, 2011

11 months to go!!

Hi! Well everything is still going good here! To clear up some questions...I moved like 2 minutes away from my old apartment, so I'm still in the same area and everything, just a new apartment! :) And the food is better here, not because I moved but I think because my stomach is getting used to it! And I stopped asking, "What is this?" I just eat's better that way! Tell Tiah and Kyle congratualtions for me on their calls! That's very cool! Tiah will get a tan while I freeze to death it's all good ;) No the weather is better. Not cold at all, just really wet. I had to buy new boots last week cause my other ones finally died. They soaked right through with all the water on the streets! Well we had Zone conference last week and District Conference(same as Stake Conference). That was fun. We all had interviews with President Sartori! I always look forward to those! Well...tomorrow is Zone training and after the Zl's are making us lunch and after that we have culture night! We're going to a war museum! I'm so excited! I'll take tons of pics Brandi! Not a lot happened this week with all the conferences...just a lot of good talks! :) Sorry it's a short one..and no funny stories but I have to get going! I'll try to write more next week! I love you all so have to idea! Take care!
Sister Wilson

And I thought you would like to now...I'm 95% sure my mission because of Visa laws is cut short by almost a month....I'll know for sure later, but I'm not too happy about it....I don't get a full 18 months, but I figured Brandi would be happy to know instead of me coming home in March, right now I'm set for February! ;) I'll keep you updated!

PS.I forgot...thank you so much for the package! I loved it! Brownies are the best and they don't have chocolate chips her so thank yo! And the Elders say thank you for the jerky! :) I share :) And i remembered a funny story...just to end on a happy note! There is a lot of water on the streets and well Russian women they just step right into it without worry, but well I'm not Russian and dirty water is gross...So one day I was walking and didn't see the big puddle, and stepped in it...after realizing i stepped into a lot of water, I did what any other american girl would do and I tiptoed quickly thorugh it...ok I might have done it while saying, " ew ew ew ew gross gross gross" at the same time, maybe a little louder than I should've...and when I got out Sister Braginets was laughing so hard, but the man behind her, that I didn't know was there, was laughing herder...which for a Russian man to laugh on the street, I must;ve looked completely once again I've reached my goal of trying to get Russian to smile...I'd like it next time not to be because I embarrassed myself, but what can I do?! :) Have a good week! Love you all! :)

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