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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello Everyone!!

Another week is gone...and it was ok. Long and hard to be completely honest. But good! We tracted and contacted a lot! Gave out a lot of invitations to church, 4 Book of Mormons, and had a few lessons with hopefully new investigators. We'll see this week. It has been so cold! Oh my gosh cold! Evenings are not fun to be on the street that's for sure! But oh well, everyone keeps saying that Spring should be coming soon and the weather will warm up but I don't see that happening tomorrow so I don't care right now! :) Well I again had a fun converstation about America...It's not very fun in those cases to be able to understand what they're saying but not say what you want to back. Oh well! So how is Alex doing? Have you heard from him? Has Tiah got her call yet? I'm so excited to hear where she is going! Well I did find out we are moving apartments soon. I don't know when, but soon. Eler Smith(ZL) kept calling and asking about the household stuff in the apartment and I finally was curious and asked why and he's like, "For when you move." I asked where I was moving to and I got a " didn't know did you?" So at some point in the future, someone will hopefully call and say we're moving :) It was fun! Moving will not be though...the apatment has so much junk form pasty missionaries it's disgusting! I made browies last week and didn't burn them completely. I think I am just figuring out this oven and I'm moving. But it's not fair that we got browies from oiur DL and Zl's and they both bake better than I do. I hate this oven! :) E. Smith said it's "operator error"...I'm starting to agree with ihim! ;) So my companion is good. It's hard not being able to talk a lot. but it'll get better. We both say sorry a lot which kinda sounds like Frosty so I now really want one of those! :) I didn't fall this week! I think it was just a one time thing! ;) Well I hope you are all doing great! Sorry it was boring and short...again, it's been a long week! I'll write more next week! I love you all! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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