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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It happened!!!!!;-)

It finally happened! I fell! Not just slipped, but fell hard...right on my butt! (lovely missionary talk, I know, sorrry) It hurt! But not anymore, so don't worry! but I can't believe it! I went three months without falling! Oh well, we all knew it would happen soon enough! So the effects of the black tea are gone! The embarrassment is not but oh well! Well, I am with my new companion, Sister Braginets! She is great, and speaks no English, so you can imagine...I have a headache everyday! :) But it's good, it's hard, but good! We teach each other languages during the day! I taught her swing, slide, and teeter toter the other day right before Zone Conference. The Elders were like, "What are you teaching her?" Important words! :) It's been good! I love my new district...well not really new, just some new people. E. Anderson is now my DL (he's amazing) and Elders Smith and Zuber are my new zone leaders! They brought us flowers on Friday for a late Valetines day present! It was so sweet! I love both of them! We were able to meet the new sisters on Wedensday when we had a mini Sisters Conf. All the sisters were being transferred so since we were all there, they had a conf with us and the ZL's. It was good! I love being around missionaries! they are entertaining! :) We let one of our investigators go this week. Well not let go, but turned her over to the Elders. Her son just got the priesthood and has no interest in it at all. So we talked and Pres said with all things considered, the Elders should teach the son since he's a new member, and if the mom shows interest, teach her, but she hasn't been progressing for months, so who knows. So we have one investigator now, so we spend a lot of time with inactives or on the streets which is so cold! It's -31 today! Yep...cold! But oh well, it's Russia, it's to be expected! Well I'm sorry this is a short one, but I have to go...I love you all so much and hope everything is going good! I love you! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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