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Monday, June 27, 2011


Where's Summer? That's all I have to say! It's been rainy and windy all week...and I forgot my umbrella half the time, so I looked like a drowned rat some days...yeah...anyways...I just really want the sun already! And to stay for longer than a day! Oh and Brandi I think you'll like this...I will never make fun of your dirty ankles again! I have a tan(stop's happening) but I have a really good tan on the tops of my feet, and that's it! Sis. Quinn stopped while we were contacting yesterday and was like, "Wow, your feet are really tan and your legs are still white." Yeah...I have really tan feet! Don't understand that one but it makes for fun times! Anyways...So we had a lesson this week where our investigator told us she believes Christ was an alien....yep...didn't quite now how to respond to that...but it made again, for interesting times. We have a lot of new investigators but none are progressing right now. The one we've been working with didn't come to our meeting and isn't answering his we don't know what happened there...I'll keep you updated! Allergies are in full swing...yeah I sneeze all the time on the street and well Russians...they have a thing about germs and they stare at me funny when I one has said no though cause of it so I figure its fine... :) I hope! We are know having a combined sports night with the whole district(like a stake) so all the missionaries are there(well...8 of us). It was fun...we play ultimate frisbee usually which well you all remember how great I was at that game! It's a good way to keep me humble :) I can't believe that July is this week already! We want to try and get the missionaries together next monday for like a 4th of July picnic or something...don't know if we are allowed too...we might want to leave the American Flag at home, but other than that it might not be a problem! I bet Brandi is all ready for the 4th! Time goes by way to fast! Well I don't really know what else to talk about...not a lot happened last week! Oh what am I talking about...we placed 11 Books of Mormon in one day and past our goal for June...we wanted to give far we've given 43, and have a few days left! It was a good day! Well I will write more later! I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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