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Monday, June 6, 2011


It feels like home's been raining for three days, thunder the last two, and it looks like from what members have told us, it'll rain the rest of the I'm back to wearing a coat, and boots! Anyways...enough with the weather update! First off...OMAHA!!!??!!! That is awesome! Tell Nate that I'm sending out his congrats letter this week! :) I'm so excited for him, I was thinking about it all week! On Thursday night, I was like, "Oh my gosh, Nate is getting his call today!" And I talked about it with Sis. Quinn the whole way to internet, so I was very excited and I'm even more excited! He goes into the MTC one day before I did! So when I'm celebrating my year mark in Russia, he'll be starting! :) We'll both be celebrating! That's awesome! Tell him I love him and am so excited! So...this week I have the RS training...should be fun! A little's two hours of talking in Russian!!! Which I do everyday but not like this! But I'm determined not to worry myself about it and jsut take it as it comes! We'll see how that goes! This week I was called Satan twice! That's a record for me! It sounds bad, but just picture two young American girls knocking on doors and a older lady with no teeth opens it, sees the tag and yells: "SATAN GO AWAY!" Yeah, Sis Quinn's eyes got big and asked did she just call us Satan? Then once on the street again,an older lady..."You are one of Satan's angels! LEAVE!" would be a let down and kinda discouraging if I wasn't laughing so hard when they said it! Fun times! I just think...if she thinks that I'm Satan...she's in for a shock :)Fun times proselyting! Anyways...what else...we have anew investigator that wants us to teach him in English so yesterday was the first time I taught an English lesson in 9 months! was hard and weird...I think when I get home, they should keep me far from any teaching callings...I can't speak English correctly!!!! What happened?! Oh well...It was good...he wants to meet again this week and he said he'll read and pray about the BOM! Our investigator I talked about a couple weeks ago is out of town and will be for awhile with a family problem, so I'm hoping everything is ok! We have a few other people we work with but none are progressing! We keep working though! Yeah we know that the work in Russia is's hard everywhere! We know people told us before our missions and in the MTC, " won't baptize many" or "Russia...the gospel is slow there." But things that those people don't know...yeah we don't baptize like other countries, and yeah the gospel is young in Russia, but the fact that yesterday, an apostle of the Lord came to Russia...Moscow and organized the first Russian stake...proves that the gospel is growing! That gives us so much hope here as missionaries...this year they are celebrating 20 years of the gospel in Russia and in twenty years, they got a stake! What's next? More stakes!!! And all the members know what comes when more stakes are formed.....TEMPLE!!! And the Russian members love and respect the temple! It's great! They know what they are working for! They want the blessings of the temple in their own country! They want it for their own people! I know I just kinda went on a rant, but I just love remembering that it's not our opinoins that matter...the Lord knows one day there will be a temple in Russia...He knows! It's great to think about! Well next week the 17th we have Zome Conference in Samara, so that'll be fun! 1-2 days in Samara! I love Samara! WEll I think this is long enough! I will let you all go! Take Care! I love you all! And thank you for all your support! It means the world to me!
Sister Wilson

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