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Monday, June 13, 2011

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Hi, how are you all doing?! :) This might be a quick one cause we tried a new internet place and we can't print out emails so I had to read yours first so it didn't leave me with much time! But answer your questions before I forget...yes I have been getting Grandma's emails so she's sending them right! :) And well shoot...I already forgot the other questions...sorry! Well I did the RS training on Saturday and it went good....not a good turnout but we had representatives from each presidency so that was good! I did the first 2 hours of the training and then we had was good! im glad I got to do helped my language and I got to work in RS again for just a little bit! So it was a good experience! It was in New City which is about 30 minutes from my area. It kinda took up our whole Saturday and by the end of the day I was wiped out! But now is another week and we have Zone Conference on Friday in Samara so that will be good! And we get to go to the village(it's where the really nice homes are) tomorrow to meet with some members! I'm looking forward to it, except it really is a hassle to get out there! it's my first time in 7 months cause it is a lot of work! But we really want to meet with some of the families so it'll be good! To be honest, this was a tiring week! And I'm trying to think of what we did and I'm drawing blanks...we did meet with some investigators, one is progresssing...the one we speak with in English and this morning during study, our Zl's called with a contact...there is a guy who lives in our area that has a Book of Mormon and read some and wants to learn about it! about miracle! he said two guys gave him the book about two years ago and he just found it this week! So we're meeting with him on Thursday! I'm excited! not often do people call wanting to meet with us! The branch is still doing good...I gave a spiritual thought in Priesthood yesterday while Sis. Quinn did Relief Society.(I had a woman with me, don't worry!) The Elders are out of the branch for a few weeks, so it's just the Sisters and we have Invitation Sunday in July and Pres wants us to do weekly spiriutal thoughts about it in the third hour so I took Priesthood this was fun! Just like when I would go into Priesthood in America! Awkward, but fun! They told me I could come anytime :) But the Elders come back on the 21st so just one more week! Well...I'm going to go...sorry this is so boring, but I really can't think of anything else to write! i hope you're all doing great, and I'll write next week! I love you all! Thanks you for everything!
Sister Wilson

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