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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hey there!!

Hello! was a good, but long and busy week! Tuesday we got to go to the village, and it was so pretty an felt like home! I'll send pictures soon! I loved it there! That took most of Tuesday, then Wednesday we went to a museum for Culture, like so unbelieveably funny pictures...I'm send those too! And Thursday we plan for like 3 hours each week and Friday was SAMARA, zone conference! Saturday, Sports Night, and Sunday...well Sunday, church, meetings, I gave another talk in Sacrament...busy busy week! And we found 7 new investigators, 5 yesterday! It was so great! So, yeah, Zone Conference was great! Really inspiring, always is! Had an interview with President! I love him so much! he's amazing! I'm so glad he will be my president the whole time!...And I foudn out my release date...Sis. Sartori said it might still move, but probably 5th! I get my full 18 months! I'm excited! Well...what else happened this week...we still have our one progressing investigator! he';s doing great! And we have about 14 new ones to work with, so we're more busy then I've ever been before! Pres said that he knows it's possible for us to find one new investigator a day, and since he's said it, me and Sis. Quinn have been working really hard, and have done it! It's so great! She's such a blessing!@ I can't even explain it! She's amazing! Honestly, I would serve with her the rest of my missin if I could! No funny stories this week...I heard a lot at conference, but they weren't mine, so it's probably not as funny to you! :) I love my mission! The Elders are all so great! So many of them are going home soon, that it stinks! But I'm grateful I was able to serve with them! Well I better go! i love you all and thank you for all you do! Take Care this week! Love,
Sister Wilson

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