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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th:-)

Yeah, believe it or not, it's really not a big holiday in Russia ;) Our district is getting together after we email for pizza and then a Reptile Petting Zoo...yeah pizza sounds screaming like a little girl and ruining any reputation I have of being a dignified Sister missionary doesn't sound good, but whatever..I just won't touch them...problem...the Elders know I don't like spiders or snakes. Well, if they put anything on me you'll know...cause I'll end up coming home(killing missionaries is frowned upon in Russia :)) So it's wierd cause you're sleeping right now, so I can't ask about your 4th of July! But I hope you have a good one! Today I think I am just realizing how grateful I am for my country...I love Russia and the people, but nothing replaces home and I'm just so grateful for everything there! And to be honest I'm mostly grateful for air conditioning! :) It's true...if I could be promised air conditioning this entire summer I'd give up Taco Bell for is so humid, muggy and just plain hot here. Sorry....if you want to keep your imagine of me as a dignified Sister missionary...stop reading...I sweat all the gross! My shirts are wet, so it makes it wierd to hug people, but then their shirst are wet so I'm like, gross I just touched other peoples sweat...I have a permanant glisten on my face and it's not the good kind like when they tell pregnant women they have a glow(well lets hope not :)) Yeah it's sweat and its there all the time day and! And it's only getting worse by the day...everytime I tell someone its hot they just laugh and tell me, "no this is actually cool." I think I'm going to die...or learn to live with it :) But my feet at really getting tan! ;) So yeah...we had three investigators at church yesterday! It was great, cause two of them got to meet and talk with PRes and Sis went so well! yesterday I got to translate for a little bit! When Pres and Sis Sartori come, they have a missionary translate in the back with a microphone and they have headphones....Elder Yates translated for them, but then Elder Yates bore his testimony and I got to! It was a lot of fun...and it made me realize how much Russian I've I had to know what he was saying cause if I didn't...the Sartori's wouldn't...and then after I translated for Sis. Sartori when she talked with the Primary was fun! Members would come up and be like, "Sis Wilson can you translate for me? I need to talk with Pres...or Sis..." I was thinking....What Sis. Wilson are they talking about? But at the same time I've noticed on the streets I'm understanding less...I think it might be cause its so hot and I'm not focusing as well but I just really want to get better at the language! I don't want to be 'understandable' and I want to be able to speak correctly! Grammar! It's a killer! but yeah, we have two progressing investigators and a bunch of new ones to work with this week! I forgot...we had Zone Leader day on Saturday...we got to contact with the was good and fun! At the end the danced on the was entertaining. Sis. Quinn is still doing good! i can't believe she's almost done with the 'training' months...its gone by really fast! We have 3 weeks from this wednesday til the temple, or at least the week of the temple, we don't know the exact day. We're both really excited! It'll be good to go to the temple again and its only in the summer so it won't be every Visa this will be the last time I go til I go home! Crazy! Well I need to get going! I think I've rambled enough! I love all of you so much! You mean the world to me! Take care this week and I'll write again on Monday! :) Love you!Love, Sister Wilson

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