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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hi again!!!:)

Hi! So Spring is finally here....just not completely warm yet...but the snow is gone, and I don't have to wear a hat (thank goodness) and the streets are clear of water for the most part, so I'm enjoying this weather! Anyways...It did rain for the first time that I remember and I had to use an umbrella...I was excited! I've never used one before! I know Washington, and never used an umbrella, but usually I would get in my car, and out without needing one...well here, contacting and walking alot...I need one! It was fun til the wind came...then it was not fun! Oh my gosh...It's hard to be modest when the wind hits...let just say that! :) So I did get to see Conference and in English! Oh what a relief! It was me and about 6 Elders in a room with a yeah, it got pretty warm, but I was so excited to be able to listen and UNDERSTAND! :) The were great talks! I think most of you commented on E. Scott's talk being amazing and I would have to agree except for my sister, 6 elders, small room...talking about marriage and love...lets just say no one looked at one another during that one! Awkward! :) I loved all the talk of temples! I'm going to be mission has been hard...a lot of....well it's not important, but it's been hard...I've loved every minute of it, even the hard times, but there were times that I just felt really alone and didn't know what to do...and that's when every single time I turned to the temple. Pres told me that Heavenly Father has blessed me with a sensitivity to the temple and that he knows it will be the thing to help me through tough times. It's true...I will forever be grateful for the time I spent in the temple before leaving. I miss it so much...but I know for now, the memories and feelings are all I need, and that is so powerful to me! I hope you know that when I get home, that's the first place I want to go...airport, temple, home....just a heads up! :) And I thought of the Singles Ward when they said that some people wake up in the early hours of the morning to do baptisms! Very cool! I'm so proud of that ward! Anyways...I loved was great! The work is still slow...we have some contacts and a former investigator we are meeting with this week so I'm excited about that! Well I better get going...we don't hae a lot of time today...oh I almost forgot...story time...two actually...both showing that I may be a missionary and I may be "Sister Wilson" but I'm still a girly girl! :) First...Tuesday...I got pooped on by a bird...gross! Beyond gross! So long story short, I made some fun sqeak noises and entertained more Russians, and went home! :) Then yesterday we went to a former investigators house to see if they were interested and well it smelled bad when we got really bad but oh well right? No not right! After 30 minutes we went into the kitchen and there were a million flies and left soon after and we had to beat our clothes before going home, and clean everything...then the fun part came...calling E. yates and asked for like 15 minutes extra for dinner to take a shower...I think the call went something like this,,,"I told you I would never whine, right? Well I lied..." He laughed. Oh well, another embarrassing story and interesting at times :) Ok, now I really have to go! I hope you are all doing good and have a great week! thank you so much for your letters! They are such a support to me! I love you! Love, Sister Wilson!

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