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Monday, April 18, 2011


Ok, so last week was so busy and crazy that I'm hoping I have time to write about it all...first off...McDonalds in Russia...not the same...yuck! Fries were ok, but the hamburger was sick...needless to say, I don't want McDonald's anymore! :) And thank you so much for the Easter package! It was great! I'm embarrassed to say I ate all the candy already, but the Elders helped with the Jelly beans...if that makes it better! Thank you thank you! Ok, so Tuesday President came and had interviews with me and Sister Braginets in the morning Wednesday was our Zone Leader day again like we did last tansfer, except this time it was really different. The Zone Leaders were on splits already with the assistants so we had E. Zuber(ZL) and E. Eyers(AP) do the training day. It was all fun and really helpful then...ok Bryce I know you'll lvoe this part...we did splits while contacting! Yep Elders and Sisters on elder, one sister contacted together, while the other sister and elder hund back a little without their tags on and observed. It sounds wierd and awkward but its wasn't. It was so helpful and a lot of fun! Althoguth at first, I wasn't exactly on board with it! :) I learned a lot of new contacting methods and this week we foudn 3 new investigators and tomorrow we have ameeting with one who said, two of her firends want to learn more too, so we'll see! Thursady was Zone Conference. That was fun too! I love being around all the other missionary! It's been a good week! :) I teach the RS lesson this Sunday! Tithing... :) So how is Brad'sshoulder? eerythign go ok? And I sent out a bday card for Grandpa, but in case it isn't there in time, tell him happy birthday for me! :) I did find out that my next visa trip is the 6th of May. So that'll be a busy week. Visa trips usually take up the night before and they morning after. So Thurs night-Sat morning. then Sunday I get to talk with all of you, and find out if I'm being transferred, then two days later, transfers...should be fun, but that's still awhile away. Well I better get going! I love you all so much! Thank you for everything you do! Take Care! Love, Sis. Wilson

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