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Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm really glad to hear that you got the emails last week! I don't know what was wrong, either on my end or yours, but I'm glad it all went through! So...well first off, i've learned an important lesson(side note...this keyboard shift button doesn't work the best, so sorry for bad grammar :)), don't listen to rumors about transfers! so still no news on if I'm training or not, but everyone under the sun has heard something about it...whether it's I'm moving areas, I'm training, I'm going to have a Russian comp. You name it, I've heard it. And i talked with Sis. Sartori last night and she said President doesn't even know transfers I'm just going with it...but for now I'm in an area I can't pronounce let alone spell :) with Sisters Torst and Lidnova! I love both of them so much! they are so fun to be with and have helped me understand the mission and the rules a lot more! sis. Tedrow and I went to Samara last night, and the two sisters picked me up about 7pm and took me to their area. I will be with them til Wednesday night in their area, then drive back to Samara and the three of us will sleep in the apartment next to Pres and Sis. sartori, so that early early Thursday morning, two elders will come and be my comps for the visa trip. I will come back early early Friday morning, go back with the sisters until tuesday or wednesday depending on what happens with yeah, it's confusing, and hard for me to understand, so just know...I'm good, I'm happy, i'm Russian pills have been taken...and I'll be writing from here next week as well! :) Last week was ok...nothing too exciting. We had an activity with the branch on Saturday and I got to see elder bahr again(he was in the MTC with me). That was cool! i don't have your letters with me from last week so I'm sorry if i miss a question! My head is seriously so confused right now...I'm trying to figure out what I even did last week! how is everything there? Any snow? :) after that one day, it went back to normal weather here...not too cold...i sweat cause it's not that cold, but my coat is meant for really really cold...oh well! Weird winter in russia that's for sure! So any news on how Alex is doing? I'm sure he's great! I sent out a letter last week to you! Well I'm sorry this is such a boring letter...I wish I could think of things to write about but we didn't teach very much last week, and i don't know whats going on for the next little while, so yeah, kinda crazy right now! And the visa trip is right smack in the middle of it all! Oh well! Fun times as a missionary! I hope you're all doing great! I love you all very much! take care!
Love, Sister Wilson

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