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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day! (even though I forgot about it :))So good grief, it's been a long week, and I have no idea where to start. First off, please tell Nate, he has a letter on the way. When I sent out the one you just got, I hadn't heard from him, but then i got an email and sent out his letter, so it's on it's way! I would never forget about him! :) Oh and tell him I loved his email so much a couple weeks ago, I used it in a talk for District Mtg That guy is going to be a great missionary! ok, so...last week...Wednesday we had a zone conference, so we went to samara in the morning(about 30 minutes away from HovoK-where I've been the last week). Then had to go back to samara that night to get ready for my visa trip. We stayed in the apartment next to Pres and Sis sartori and had banana splits with them before going to bed! They are both so amazing! was that night that i had an interview with president and found out...I"M NOT TRAINING! Biggest answer to a prayer ever! ;) I'm going to be with sister Брагинец(brag-anets). she's been here for six weeks and is from Ukraine! she;s my age and Pres. said she is ready to work! I'm so excited! she knows Russian so that's good....she knows very little english, which i'm so excited about. This last week, with Sisters Torst and Lednova, I realized I know a lot more Russian than i thought I did. I've made so much progress language wise this week. I look back to last Sunday and now, and think, wow...I didn't know it was possible to talk like this...I'm no where near good at it, but I'm so much better than i thought! So that was Wednesday to bed late, woke up at 2:30, left at 3:50 and was on my way to Latvia! 24hrs later, I was back in the apartment next to the Sartori's. We came in about 1:30am. Long trip, but fun. I got to know more of the Elders, cause I was the only Sister on the trip. It was fun! Wejust saw the insides of airports so no excited pictures or anything. sorry! It was tired! It's better now, but still a little slow! :) i will go on my next one somewhere around May 4th...that is when my next visa expires. Fun stuff! So...transfers...all I know so far is sometime soon, probably Wednesday morning, we go back to samara and me and Sis. braganets will go from there back to our area. It;s been a crazy week, but fun! there is an Elder here, elder Ellis that was in the MTC with me for about 6 weeks. It was realy fun to be serving around him again! and E. Morris is still going to be in my district, but his comp is leaving! :( but I'm so glad E. Morris is staying! And one of the Elders on my visa trip that really helped me with some language study plans, will be one of my new zone leaders! so that was fun to hear! I'm so excited to get back and start working...a lot of little things happened this week, that I can't remember, but one big thing...I broke the word of wisdom...accidentally...again...I think i have a problem! a recent convert (who is definitely going to be getting the discussions again!) gave us black tea and I drank it before Sis. Torst found out what it tea made with Russian water...there's a reason we aren't suppose to drink it! i'm totally fine, don't worry! BUt yeah, that was fun to tell Pres...i told him in an email so I didn't have to hear him laugh! first drugs, now tea...the three of us were talking last night, and decided there are worse things i could do, so I repented and will do better ;) Interesting serving in russia, that's for sure...always have to be on your toes! i've really enjoyed my last week! I've also realized that russia has a lot of weird smells! I think i got used to the wierd ones in my area, but this area has a whole bunch of new ones that make my stomach turn! Oh well...just a fun little side note on the world here! :) I hope i get to serve here again! I love the area and the people! They were a lot of fun! Cool experience for me...We were at a lesson and i gave a spiritual thought from the Book of mormon and then we talked for awhile afterwards. The lady was talking and I looked down at the Book of Mormon and saw Книга Мормона(Book of mormon in russian) and started thinking about how many sacrifices it took for this book to be in Russia! It just really hit me there! Mormon abridged the recored and hid them. Joseph smith came and translated them, and dealt with much persecution. It was a miracle that these gold plates were translated and printed and sold as an actual book for us to read. Back in the pioneer times, they treasured that book. They knew the power of it and they kept it close to their hearts! Russia is in that pioneer stage now! I looked at the Book of Mormon and just thought, wow! the same miracle happened! THe book of mormon is in the former soviet union! Russian people are treasuring that book and holding it close to their hearts! Everything rides on whether the Book of mormon is true, and when people know it is, things change! if the book of mormon is true, then joseph smith was a prophet, and the ture church of Jesus christ is on the earth again! everything is on this book! And i realized how much i took it for granted before! It was just a really good expeirence to see how far the church has come, and how much my testimony of the church and of the Book of mormon has grown! I looked at my watch and realized it was February 12th, and i kept thinking to myself, that day was important to me for some reason. I came back and read my journal...that was the day last year, that i was waiting in the baptismal font before the Valentines dance, and those girls were there! That was the night I got my answer to go on a mission...I can't believe I almost forgot! That was such a special time! I love being a missionary! Well i think that's all for the highlights! Wednesday will start work back in my area...I've already set up appointments so people can get to know my new companion. I'm so excited!! Thank you for all your emails and I love you all so much! Take care! Love,
Sister Wilson

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