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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hi Everyone,
I got a lot of questions last time about transfers so real quick: Transfers are Feb. 14th and I don't know yet what's going on. President called last week and said there is a 90% chance I'm training so I should be getting ready. So that's what I'm doing :) But I won't find out til either this week or next for sure. And he still doesn't know what I'm going to be doing after Sis. Tedrow leaves. She leaves this Sunday after church and transfers aren't for another week, so the options are moving me into a threesome in another area for one week, or getting a mini missionary (a member called as a temp basically). He doesn't know yet what to do. And to complicate matters, my first visa trip is that week too...Feb. 10th. So the next few weeks should be really fun :) And then if I do train, I should be fairly wiped out by the time the new sister gets here! Fun stuff. But that's all I know. I'm thinking I'll know something next week considering Sis. T will be gone and I'll have to be somewhere with someone :) But that means I also don't know my email schedule next week so it might be off. Just know if you don't get one it'll come next week. The Volga is completely frozen over now so we'll be going there to get pictures this week! I wish I could send pics like I used to but the computers won't let us without first downloading stuff...not good here! Last Monday was the first time I saw weather the way weather should be in Russia in the middle of winter. After email we looked outside and it looked like a blizzard from the movies. And it hurt...the snow like pelts your face and you can't see so you walk with you head down and the wind was pushing me was awful but fun at the same time! :) I know you never thought I'd say that one! Well all of our investigators are still at a stand still. So we work mainly right now with members, active and inactive. The active members need help just like the inactive. It's hard to stay active here. (Not for me :) don't worry!) But yeah, not much is new here! Thank you for all your emails! I love hearing from you! It's the highlight of my week! I better get going! I will hopefully write next Monday! Take care! I love you all!
Сестра Вильсон

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