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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi again!!!:)

Hey Everyone,
So I don't have a lot of time so this might be short, it depends on how fast I can type. Well fun story (Mom it is a funny story, cause I'm fine :)). Yesterday at church I got a killer headache, probably one of the worst I've ever had, and it came on in like 30 seconds. My eyes were all fuzzy and it hurt to do anything. Well we were at church so I had no iBprofen with me, and one of the woman in the branch gave me something to take(which I would normally never do, cause I know I have a very low tolerance for anything :)) But I wasn't exactly thinking straight, so I took it and about 20 minutes later...well you'd have to ask my companion about the rest of the day! She said I got really tired in the meeting and said we needed to leave, so we left, and I guess the whole way home, I got really entertaining. Including but not limited to...walking upto a Russian man and saying ENGLISH, commenting on how people looked, walked, talked, umm....lets see, I wanted to go down a slide, I thought the snow looked like clouds and wanted to sleep on them, commented on grafitti, told the Elders I loved them, I think that was the high points. I crashed when we got home, after Sis. Tedrow asked the lady what she gave me. The woman said for me to drink tons of water and sleep, so apparently that's what I did. Good news...I woke up a few hours later, completely free of a headache and of my memory of the afternoon! So what did I learn from this lesson? Don't do drugs! :) No actually I learned I broke a mission rule I didn't even knnow about...don't take any kind of Russian pill...but we get separated for the last hour of church(Primary/RS) and now we know why companions are always suppose to be together ;) So no harm done, I did find out this morning, when the woman called to check on me that a gas line broke in my area and a lot of people got really bad, severe headaches, so she thinks that is what caused it...oh was one for the journal! I feel great today! No side affects, except there are some elders I'm staying clear of for awhile, and my ego might be bruised a little! :) So onto other fun things! We had Zone Conference and Pres. Sartori came! I met with him and he talked with me a lot about trainging then said I might have to train this next of Feb. 14th! He doesn't know yet but he said it's a good possibilty! We talked a lot about preparing for that, so I have been doing so much language study this week, it's crazy! Oh and I had to sew for the first time on my mission this week....I'm glad Devin showed me how before he left ;) Sorry Mom I had to! :) That is so cool about Alex baptizing Isaac! I wish I could've seeen that! That had to be so special for both of them! I'm so excited for him! Well not much else to write about for now! Thank you all so much for everything you do! I love you all and I'll write again next week! Take Care!Love,
Sister Wilson

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