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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone,
Well first off, I'll answer everyone's first question by saying the talk and lesson went good. Perfect?....HA HA HA... not even close, but it was good. It helped me with the language, and with getting to know members better (especially the RS lesson). And something I don't think I told you last week...was that I gave the talk on the existance of God, how I know He exists, and the lesson on Sacrificing...on the exact one year anniversary of me going through the temple...which was also the first time I got the prompting to go on a mission. I remember coming out of the temple and being thoroughly confused by that one! :) But one year later, I'm in Russia giving a talk and's amazing what the Lord does to accomplish His work! Anyways...they both went good, I was nervous (it didn't help that one of the Elders said they were bringing their camera) but once I got up there I just talked as much as I could. I'm so glad I did it. I'm glad its over...but I'm really glad I did it! RS is different here...the teacher conducts the whole meeting not the presidency, so Sis. Tedrow did the indroducing part and she started talking about me, but I wasn't sure what all she said...and then I hear her say "She was a Relief Society President." I don't exactly tell anyone that, so I didn't know why she was talking about it, but afterwards she said that she knew I wouldn't talk about myself, and she wanted the women to know that even though I couldn't speak well, that I have a strong background in the church. She said she told them, that she knows what I'm going to say, and that they all need to listen cause its true, and that I know what I'm talking about. She said that she knew if they knew a background of me, they would listen with different ears...she was right...they did. One of the woman bowed in front of me...a little wierd but she was just being funny. But it's crazy how they did listen differently then they did before. It just made me remember that Russia is so much in the pioneeer stage of the church. Some things that are normal in America, are just not here. But the lesson went good! I'm really glad I did that! :) It was another slow week work wise...We decided to drop one of our investigators....that's not exactly fun, but the same day we did, we found another one. We haven't met with her again, she works every day 9-7pm. So it's hard...we have to meet with her in her store. It's a bakery store! So yeah...I'm going to get fat! ;) But yeah, work is slow...people are still just on a standstill for baptisms, in our area...there are baptisms happening, which is great to see!! I didn't get a chance to mail out the letters last week, but I am going there today, hopefully! I'll also try to send pictures again today on the computer, but I don't think it's going to let me. I'm sending a package soon, and I'll just send the disk of pictures home. Just don't judge me on some of them...they need explanations! :) Well not a lot happened this week...fireworks are still going off, dogs are still barking a lot, so sleep is precious when we get it! BUt other than that...its just the same! I do really like the Bacon flavored chips...a little too much I think, but oh well! I love you all so much! And thank you for everything you do! I love being able to write to you, but I love hearing from you! It makes my week to hear from home! Take care and I'll write again next week!
Sister Wilson

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