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Monday, January 23, 2012


Hi, was transfers...nothing changed! I'm with Sis. Webb in
Avrora til the end! :) I'm excited about it! We have fun togetehr! Not a lot
of changes...well E. Hale is no longer an assistant(E. Bruckhuessen is the new
one).So...not a lot to talk about this week...We've been inside since yeah...not a lot goes on inside! I woke up Wednesday morning with
a realy bad headache and backache...and it kept getting worse....Its better now,
well the headache is almost gone, but the back pain is still there, but don't
worry I'm good! Sis. Sartori has me resting at home to make sure it all gets
better before going back to normal work...well that basically means that I'm
going stir crazy! Yesterday we made it to Sacrament meeting and then home, so
that was the first time since Wed we saw the outside...well...two sisters inside
all day for awhile...hmm....yeah we've ha some fun...more Sis Webb, I just sit
there and laugh at her! If I can, I'll send some pictures(I have her
permission)...This week has been really rough being inside and everyone telling
me that its ok to be inside...I don't think I'll ever let go of the mindset that
its not ok to be inside, but if I have to be, I'm glad I'm with Sis. Webb...shes
makin it fun! Sis. Sartori said that Wednesday I might get a MRI if things don't
get bette just to rule things out...don't worry...I'm sure I just twisted
something quick...Tuesday night for example I almost fell like five times in a
course of two minutes...yeah I knw, SURPRISE...I'm not graceful on ice! But yeah
with being inside I don't have too many things to takl about....before going
inside though we had a meeting at one of our new members place....he speaks
English and on of the guys who works at the school lodge place? he was watching
us talk to our new member, and he kept laughing...after he came up and asked if
we(sis webb and I) were both Americans...I said yes and he said, "Really? She(S.
Webb) is so calm when she talks and well you, I knew you were an American. You
were loud and emotional when you talk." He just laughed and walked away...Loud
and emotional?! He's a nice guy and meant it as a fun joke, but really? I'm not
loud and emotional!!! Anyways...I just thought you would like to know that...I
don't reember if I was loud and emotional before I left, but apparently I have
those qualities now... ;) Oh and thank you forthe got here in
record time! Pres dropped it off to us on Friday and you sent it on the 11th!
That's crazy how fast but thank you! Sis. Webb said thank you too! :) Ok, well I
better go...I love you all so much! Take care this week!
Sister Wilson

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