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Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Monday, January 30, 2012



Sis. Wilson release date has changed and she will be flying home this week. We are very excited and can not wait to see her and hear all about her mission and her experiences in Russia. Stay tone to hear from Sis. Wilson herself VERY SOON:-) YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D

Letter From Sis. Wilson

So this will be a short one...since I'll talk to you all in like three
days...I still haven't heard when my flight is but should be any day. Again
sorry Mom and Dad for giving you a heart attack when I called, but at least
it was good news! :) To be honest, I didn't think it would be this hard leaving
my mission, but it is. I have so many different emotions going on right
now...but I guess it comes with the calling! And I wouldn't have changed it for
the mission was great...and that is such an understatement...I can't
wait to tell you all about it, even though you might get bored...hopefully
not! I don't have too much time, so I will just let you know that I love you all
and that I'll see you soon! Thank you for everything, all of your support! It
meant a lot and will continue to! Love you!
Sister Wilson....
I guess I need to get used to people not calling me that ;)

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  1. According to Sister Wilson's Countdown, she was lucky to take off a day before the mercury would sink to the record low of minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no place like home, right? Hope, she still has her HouseShoes with her :-)