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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi to all!!!

So last week was crazy, but good! The sisters were with us for most of
the week and then we got to go to the temple! It was so good, and such a good
experience! If there is one way to get ready to start your last cycle, and end
your mission, it's starting with the temple! I feel like I'm a brand new
missionary and am able to do whatever the Lord needs...which...well...haven't
been feeling brand new lately, so it's good feeling! :) There was no snow in
Kiev which was wierd, but ok...not too cold! Yesterday at church we had 6
investigators there! One of our new members invited some friends and they all
came, and all want to meet with us and learn more about the church! It was so
great! Just shows that being a good example(new member) really affects those
around you! WOW! The work is good in our area...moving forward! Sis Webb and I
are doing great! She really is fun to serve with! Transfer calls are being made
this weekend so of couse like usual everyone is talking about it! We'll see what
happens! That's all you can do, until you get the call or not! I wish tranfers
were a surprise and not set...I know it can't be, but I think it would be
easier to focus...but thats just me! :) Not a lot happened this week....with
the sisters in town we saw all the sisters in the mission except Sis. Pitchforth
and her trainee...that was sad, me and Sis. Webb had a pratical joke all lined
up for her, but maybe next time! Well I better get going! Sorry this is short,
but not a lot happened! I love you all so much! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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  1. Sister Wilson,

    Russian Santa has overdrunk, uh, overworked during last holidays, and so he has charged me with the delivery of your New Year gift. On Tuesday (Jan. 17), I left the parcel at Samara Mission Office on Vodnikov where you still can pick it up (unless your guard has appropriated it for his wife/daughter).

    Sorry for the delay.


    P.S. Of course, there is another present for Sister Pitchforth, but now she is beyond my reach.

    P.P.S. I have got through Ether 12. Ready to discuss?