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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello again:)

Hi Everyone,
So...I can't tell you how happy I am that the holidays here
are finally feels like things can get back to normal! Wow I don't know
where to start! Well New Years was good...we were inside most of the time, for
two days but we did successfully make a chicken pot pie...homemade not from a
store...I'd love to brag about this, but it took us three hours and well...we
had to cook it two separate times...I don't want to relive that expeirence while
expalining, all we need to remember is that if was good to eat! :) I don't
remember what it was like to bake/cook something and have it turn out ok...but
oh well! Fun cooking stories! So...the new area is great. The branch president
here is just so amazing! I'm so happy to be serving in this branch! And SIs.
Webb and I are having a lot of fun together! We have a Visa trip this week and
we get to go to the temple again so I'm really excited about that! It's on
Friday and wow, this week is again crazy...Yesterday we were studying together
in the morning and our doorbell rings like 3 times(we can't open it if we don't
know who it is) and then we get a phone call from one of our leaders..."You have
the sisters from Saratov at your door, could you let them in?" Yeah, long story
short, we will have a total of 8 sisters coming and going throughout the
week...foudn out yesterday! Fun surprise! They all will be gone by Thursday
afternoon and early Friday morning we have our Visa trip...we're looking forward
to that so much!!!! Our investigators are doing good...some didn't come to
church over the holidays so we have to move their baptisimal dates back, but
their desire is still there so its looking good! Well I better get going...I
don't have a lot of time left! I hope you are all doing great! I love you so
much and thank you for all your support! It really means the world to me!
Take care!

Sister Wilson

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