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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's WINTER!!!!!!

Winter has arrived early!
It snowed a little bit but didn't hang around, but the cold did! It's been -14 C/ 12F around there we don't have an exact thing on our phone...but whatever its cold! We both agreed that we forgot what it was like to live in Russia during the FUN! :) Get used to'll be this way until I go home...the next warm weather I get will be in Seattle getting off the plane, and as far as I's not that warm in Seattle either :) Oh this week was a tough one in finding new people! The internet has taken out some of our new investigators. We're going to start referring them to our websites so if they do get on the internet, they know where to go and not just straight to google! But yeah, we reset a baptisimal date with someone who missed their last one. We have a few weeks to work with her, so we're praying that it goes through this time...she's ready, just scared...and it's understandable I just wish there was a way we could show them that everything will be ok...but if they knew that where would faith come in? We went tracting in actual homes, not apartment complexes for the first time...that was so fun! I felt like a real missionary you would see inmovies...why? cause there were mean dogs! Wow! NOt fun, but entertaining in a way! :) Oh I got my stitches out...not too excited like when they went in, but my arm is fine. Only hurts when I smack it on something but then again, anything would hurt if you smacked it, so life is back to normal! :) We're all decked out in our winter gear now...which makes it super fun to talk to each other on the streets...we can't hear with our hats and then another hat from our coat on so we're always asking each other to repeat what they said...which last night I foudn out, Sis.Pitchforth does not like. So what does a good companion do? I don't know but what I did was I started asking her to repeat herself even when I do hear what she says? :) Yeah...I think the direct qoute to me last night was, "You are such a butt!" Makes street contacting more fun! Tracting is still a favorite for now...except the uncomfortable experiences that will make for good stories at some point in my life...I don't understand why you would ever answer the door not clothed...anyways...last Saturday we tracted and well, the men were super friendly that day...and my companion was on high alert especially after one of them, leaned in to try and kiss me(with his wife watching). Sis. Pitchforth about killed him...she's none around the mission as a fork being her choice weapn and trust me, that guy better be glad she didn't have one! :) She is so funny! I never want to serve with anyone else and that is what we tell Pres every week :) Well I think that is it for this week! I love you all so much! Thank you for everything! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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