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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


HI! So, yeah it snowed a lot of last week which also means things are slick...and that also means that yes, I have fallen! Sis. Pitchforth calls it the first snowfall of the winter because she thinks she is funny...key word there...thinks! Its ok...I'm ok which I'm sure was your first however was not her first question...well it might've been but I couldn't hear her through the laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. Yeah it was fun for all involved...well notme, but oh well! I am waiting for the time she biffs it! :) And she knows it! So yeah that started out my week! Before I forget...we got a call today and I'm suppose to tell everyone that after today, I can't open emails from anyone besides my family. So if friends write me on the email, I won't be able to openit...the best way is to send it through dearelder now. And we found out that we get to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with the Sartori's on the Friday after....that will be so fun! WE were both excited when we found out...just a little taste of home! Ok so with the Russian language...they have this letter that doesn'tmake a sound, it just affects other letters...its in my name, its the fourth letter on my tag...well I found out this week I've been saying my name wrong this whole time! Members have been hekping us try to pronounce that letter but it's not working...Oh well...good thing I have a name tag...they can just read it ;) WE had to drop an investigator yesterday...she had a baptisimal date for this week...she said that she just can't doit...long story but she said that she can't put Christ before her job right was such a hard lesson to go throuhg. She was crying at the end. We told her to call us when she's ready. This is the hardest part of missionary work form me...people getting so close and then they let it all go. It all up to them and how they use their agency but it still hurts. It's the fourth time its happened in a row now,so it's not been the most pleasant of experiences...but we have both learned a lot through it, and we just pray that they will accept it one day! WE know there are people out there that are ready to receive and accept the gospel...we just have to find them! :) We bought some red and green paper...we're going to makea chain countdown to Christmas...yes's before Thanksgiving and we're already talking about would be disgusted but we're also listening to Christmas songs :) Well I think that is all for now! Ilove you all so much! Thank you for all the support through letters andprayers! Take care his week!
Sister Wilson

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