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Monday, November 21, 2011


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It is so wierd to think that its here again...last Thanksgiving was my second day in Russia...that's crazy! I hope you all have a good one! Eat's thebest part of the holiday! ;) So this week was good...we have exchanges with some sisters from Penza(Sister Quinn and Sister Callister) was good to see them again. It's different now cause they come to us when they have a reason to be in Samara, so it was kinda a surprise but it was good. I realized this week that I won't ever see Russia again without snow covering it...and I never really took pictures of a I'm basically telling you this so Brandi has time to get mad at me and get over it :) I have some but not a lot...of Russia that it! Sis. Pitchforth still has not fallen but I agree with you Dad, this is her week! :) We had a good Sunday yesterday...we have had a rocky relationship with one of our new members and yesterday was such a big step in the right direction! It was a good feeling! When you help somone be baptized and then well, they don't want to talk to you for one reason or another, it isn't the best feeling in the world...but yesteday it was all set aside, so it was really good! Missions are hard at times, and for more reasonsn that I would've thought before coming, but all of the hard times are nothing compared tothe good! The area...well we are still rebuilding! But its good...we're having fun, and working hard...very hard! And we know that as we keep doing that, then whatever is in God's plan will happen! Thank you thank you thank you! For the packages...I havenot opened my Christmas presents but very tempted, especially considering I know what one of them is...:) but I will wait! We decorated our apartment cute! And the book was great! I cried a little, but mainly cause I was laughing! Thank you so much! Sis. Pitchforth loved it too! It was so thoughtful but also rally funny! And thank you for my sweats...Sis. Pitchforth wants to come to Forks when we are both home...someone wants Team Jacob sweats! ;) But thank you again so much! It was great! Sorry this is so short, but I have to get going! I love you all so much! Thank you for everything that you do! Take care this week!
Sister Wilson

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