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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey guess know how I don't really like this holiday, at least the gross part of it...well they don't celebrate it in Russia, so there you go...good for me...and I don't have to worry about getting fat off of all the candy...except for the fact that I already ate all the pumpkin candy you sent...ok lets face it...they were gone the week you gave them to me! thank you! I gained some weight that week! :) I got a lot of how are you questions from last week so I will tell you...besides a very bruised ego I'm good! The stitches come out today after I finish writing you! Should be good! It doesn't hurt, a little sore once in a while, usually after I hit it onsomething, so my bad! Ok...funny story made more funny...Sister Pitchforth...well she thinks she is funny ;) and she wrote the funniest, wittiest email about my fall last week to her family and all 500 friends that get her email, and well she forgot to put that my arm got stitches! So what would you think if you got an email that said, "Sister Wilson decided to sit her bum on a glass some stiches..." YEAH! All of her emails today have butt jokes on them! And she is laughing so hard right now! Good times with my lovely companion! She better be glad I love her! She is teaching me patience for when I'ma mother(her words). We were walking the other day and there was a gross dead animal on the road and I told her don't look...what did she do? SHe stopped, looked at me with this defiant little, oh reallly,look, and then looked! She is so much fun! I love serving with her! Anyways...hey I slept for 34 hours with two one hour breaks on Tues.Wed...yeah I kinda took a dive energy wise...I said I was fine, but Sister Pitchforth called Sister Sartori and TATTLED and I had to sleep...well she was right! And now I am all caught up! Thank goodness! SO yeah...everything is good here...except our investigators didn't get baptized this week...and oneof them really hurt...I'll tell you about it in my letter...I hate when people get so close and are coming unto Christ and then at the last minute, they back out...Saturday night we decided that the best way to describe that feeling is Satan drop kicking us in the face...great feeling let me tell you...but what actually is a great feeling is when we come back full force and drop kick him and his little buddies!!! That is the best feeling(basically...when someone gets baptized!) So yeah...I'm doing good...THank you for all of your prayers and support! Take care this week! Love you!
Sister Wilson

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