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Monday, October 17, 2011


Hi, so yeah, found out this week that on Thursday we'll be going back to the temple in Kiev! So excited! Sis. Pitchforth will be with me again this time, so that's good! WE have zone conference tomorrow and then the temple on Thursday...shaping up to be a good week. We just got back from our interviews with President...I love having interviews with him! Well some news...we won't be travelling anymore...our area president found out about when we got kinda kicked off the train that one time and he thinks its better that we don't now we will only do exchanges when sisters come to us like for visa trips or conferences...which is ifine with us...we loved doing it when it was needed and will do whatever the want us to...but we love being in our area too, so either way was ok with us. When we were in Penza last week it started raining so hard...we had one umbrella so that was actually really wasn't cold, just wet and we were running to catch a bus when another bus slashed us completely! Like you see in movies! A big wave of water and wow, look at that we were under it! So fun! We were on our way to FHE was a good exchange though! The sisters there are great missionaries and fun to be with! Hey if you get a chance could you send me like two pictures of my car...I know that sounds vain and weird but I've given my pics away except for one, to little kids who like cars...I taught one in Penza how to say Mustang! I know..not missionary words, but pretty cool all the same! You aksed what I would want for Christmas...pens...anything that is like home...just pictures, home things, I don't know...And yes, I did get the pics of Deception Pass...I loved them so much! thank you...and they were gorgeous! Nice job! I skimmed the emails a second ago and saw that you think Sis. Pitchforth is from Montana...she's from Colorado and she wants Dad to know that just cause she made one comment about loving animals doesn't immediately make her an animal freak from montana.. :) She is so funny! Ok I have to go...Not a lot of time left...I'll talk to you later! I love you all so much and thank you for evertything you do for me!
Take care this week!
Sister Wilson

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