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Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello....ok so...I have a story to tell I am 100% fine...very important to remember before I last night I was really smart and thought, "well I have to send a fax so why not sit down while I send it..." I looked around and the only there was our glass coffee table...hmmm...thought about it, and yep decided five minutes was! I was so wrong..>Mom your mu mu comment a few weeks ago was spot on! :) Yeah so I broke the table(yep...I lost some ego points last gets worse for the ego later trsut me) and well it's glass so I kinda cut myself in the process...ok long story was a deep cut and needed stiches so...lucky me, I won a trip in a taxi at 11:00pm with the assistants to the hospital to get two stiches in my right arm...ok so this is the time you go back and read the first line...I'm 100% ok! no worries here...the ladies last night were super nice...they probably couldn't waited for the anesthetic to kick in before actually sticking me but oh well! I'm good! I have a gross looking arm thats all tied up in gauze but hey, I'll have a cool scar to tell my grandkids about...and then when they ask, "Grandma how did you get that?" I will tell them the truth(cause by the time I'm old, I will have made this story good)...”Well kids, Russia back then was a hard mission, and when you're older I'll tel you all about it!” Save me on the loss of dignity yeah...I'm good...Assistants came, gave me a blessing, we took a taxi together to the hosptialt, waited, stiched up, came back, and Pres asked them to clean up the glass for us before the went home(felt bad about that was like nidnight) and I was in shock a little and our quote wall is now booming with a lot of things I said last the presence of the area few examples... “Does that car say fart?” said Fiat but I was tired and couldn't read in the Taxi, “Yep Elders, that is where my butt fell” as they were cleaning up the glass... and everyone's favorite....except mine...they were leaving and instead of just saying thank you, I said, “Well thank you for a lovely evening. We should do this again sometime.” Yes that does sound like I was thanking them for a date...which was evident when one of their faces got red and the other one bolted for the elevator...oh well...good stories right? That's what I keep telling myself...oh and I almost forgot...the two things I feel bad about..1-I hit E. Eyers...yep, just with my good arm, but still, hit him...oops...thats what he gets for making fun of me when I'm injured...and 2-SIs. Pitchforth was trying to get numbers from the doctors to set up appts to talk about the gospel and she started talking to me in Russian as they were stiching me up without anestheitc...I turned and was like ,”Do not talk to me in Russian....I don't understand you...” not very poilitey....She said it was was like if a woman was in don't take offense to what they say...well not in labor, but did break a coffee :) that was my is good! I'll be a little sore but all is good! Sorry this is all my email but I don't have too much time...Ok...this makes me a bad missionay for not talking about this first...we have three baptisms set for this week! So excited....I'll write in my letter about all the details! Amazing people are here are so ready to accept the gospel...we just have to be willing to do the work! I love you all so much! Tahnk you for eveything you do for me! Take care this week!
Sister Wilson

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