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Monday, October 10, 2011


So conference was great! I was so excited to listen in English! :) My favorite talk was actually Pres Uchtdorf's from RS session but wow, there were a lot of good ones in every session! I think my favorite quote from all of conference was when Elder Packer said, "The outcome of this battle is not in question. Lucifer will lose." Hello! Yes he will! That;s good to hear as a missionary cause there are times here where he kicks our butts! like in every battle there are casualties...But we have to keep going because in the end he will lose. And if we keep pushing forward, there will be less casualities! We do all we can, and the Lord will do the rest! It was a good conference. This week was good. WE did one day exchange with the other sisters in Samara and tonight we are on the train to Penza again for Tues and Wed. It'll be good! Keeps us busy and so grateful for the time we have in our area! Our investigators are doing good. One is getting baptized on Saturday another one on the 29th, and a few progressing investigators! Looks good for now...just have to keep working to keep it that way! Yesterday we foudn out that Karma comes fast sometimes or that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor...we're not quite sure. But on the way home, it was dark and we were just passing out invitations. Sis. Pitchforth gave one to a lady who after the fact we noticed she was little tipsy. She started asking all these questions about the church(not in a good way) and when we said she could call us, she yells for us to talk to her now. We turn to walk away and she in by the curb and she yells for us to come back and then we turn around, and she throws our invitation back at us like she has accomplished something in doing it, and without skipping a beat, falls backwards off the curb. She like rolled a little's a rule in our mission that we can't help drunk people no matter what and SIs. Pitchforth went forward a little. Ithought she wanted to help so I tried to stop my overly charitable companion(she likes this part of the story :)) and she said, "Oh no, I just went back fro the invitation." Then we talked about how karma came fast to that woman or Heavenly Father has a sense of Humor like Brandi and thinks it's funnier when people fall. ;) I'll go with the first!Well I better get going...sorry not much happened this week! I'll write again next week! I love you all so much! THank you for everythign you do! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

PS. I did get Eileen's email and I'm praying that she gets my letter before she enters the MTC ;)

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