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Monday, October 3, 2011

General Conf this week!!

One week til General Conference...I think I told you but we get it a week later here...but all the missionaries in the Samara district will be able to watch it together in ENGLISH! so great! :) I hope you all enjoyed it! Ok so...first thank you so much for the packages! They were great! The pamper package was perfect! And much needed! :) And it all got here...thank you! So we did our splits in Saratov with Sis. Quinn and was so eventful but not in a sisters were crying sort of way...they are doing so great! It was so good to see both of them happy and doing good! In all seriousness that was such a blessing. When you train someone, no matter how hard or easy it was, you have that connection with just hope and pray for them, that they are doing good...and to see both of them together, doing great! It was a blessing, that's for sure! i love both of them so much! \but it was eventful for other fun reasons....first, while contacting at night with Sis. Braginets, I was handing our invitations about Christ and there was a couple by a bench. The girl was sitting down and the guy was just looking at her...I thought it was so gosh darn I went up to give them an invitation and HELLO~ not cute! The girl didn't see me, and she just started taking off her clothes while her boyfriend watched...then she saw me and was very embarrassed and tried to put her shirt back may be wondering what I was doing at this point...well this all happens at the same time that I'm handing them an invitation and all that comes out of my mouth..."Here's an inviation to learn more about Christ, our Savior..." She took it and I booked it out of there so fast! I was so embarressed, but played it off like, "yeah I meant to do that..." yeah didn't play it off too well. Sis. Braginets was laughing so hard I thought she was going to die...then on the way back, they were still there on the bench but were just sitting holding there you go...Sister Wilson...I'm not just here to spread the gospel, but to literally stop people from breaking the Law of Chastity...I don't remember signing up for that part! :) The next day we were picking up the sisters at District meeting and we picked up our tickets for the train home...It was 4:20 at the time, and I looked at the tickest and it said our train left at 5:20...good thing we had E. Eyers with us...we turned and was like, " we have an hour to get to the train station?" OUr answer... no you have an hour to be on the we got to run through the streets of Saratov, pack, get a taxi, and get on the train...we try to get on, and the lady is like electronic tickets don't work, you need real ones...10 minutes before the train leaves...we run back, no one can help us, more cause they can't understand us (note to us...practice words in Russian other than gospel related :)) so we ran to a different wagon and met someone who would let us on the train...gave her a BOM :) yeah for missionary work, and then the lady who wouldn't let us on in the first place, was so not happy. She said we might get kicked off at the next we are on the phone to the mission office and the assistants...we get a text from the assistants..."don't worry I can fix this..." we're thinking great! All worked out, except for at 9:30pm the lady was like, "get off, get your tickets and get back have 10 minutes..." GREAT! It was so fun let me tell you! :) Pres told us the next day that this is all learninig experiences...I think all we learned is that me and SIs. Pitchforth are more alike than we in we have no patience! Her quote, "I hate the Christlike attribute of patience!" :) But no it was a fun time1 Good experiences! Speaking of my lovely companion...we were doing language study and we were eating brownie batter and she all of a sudden pops up with a lovely comment..."You only have 3 cycles to get skinny"...yep! It's true...3 cycles....yep it's true...she called me fat! :) But in the most endearing way! We have a quote wall with all the funny things we say...yeah...we do think we are pretty funny by the way, and that skinny comment definitely made it up there! Ok I have to get going...I love you so much! Thank you for everything you do for me! Can't wait to tell you what i thought about conf! Take care this week!
Sister Wilson

PLEASE tell Eileen congrats for me on her mission call! She is so amazing! I am so unbelievably proud of her! I love that girl!!:)

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