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Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok, so I have about twenty minutes to write back to you all cause the printer didn't work last week or this week so I had to read all your emails in the last 30minutes from last week and this week...thank you for writing! It wasn't all that fun not hearing from you last week...I don't ever read the email til we print them, and then the guy was like, the printer doesn't no emails last week even though you sent them...but it was good! Now I have info on the last two weeks! :) Sorry if I don't get back to all your questions..I can't remember them all...anyways...this week was good and hard. Our investigator didn't get baptized on Saturday...her mom is super against the church and she said she promised her mom she would never get baptized into our church so...we'll see how that goes for continuing to teach her. We are going back to my first area. It will be good! I'm kinda tired but exchanges start again so I'll sleep on the bus! :) The exercise program is a lot better...when you get past the first week it doesn't hurt as bad...only when we laugh at each other when we do the exercises cause then you get a cramp...but other than pain! :) We have a new ZL so this week we switched nametags at church to confuse him (that sounds mean but he started it by not remembering our names after we introduced ourselves) and it didn't work...but was fun for the members to see...they thought we were funny! :) I gave the talk on the holy ghost at a baptism yesterday and I had Sis. Pitchforths tag on and they announced Sis. Wilson speaking so when I got up there it kinda killed the joke! Oh time! :) We seriously have so much fun together! Sorry this is so short and boring this week...I'm super tired! But we have time to take a nap today which hardly ever happens...part of us making time to "slow down" from Pres. Sartori! :) I love you all! Thank you so mcuh foreerything!Take Care
Sister Wilson

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